Facebook Mobile Ad Net On Its Way

Later this month Facebook will introduce its mobile ad network that will extend the company's successful app install ad program to third-party publishers and developers. ...


Research Brief
"Lean Back" TV Experience Now Includes Streaming Content Directly

According to the latest Horowitz Associates State of Cable & Digital Media study, TV content viewers say they spend 20% of their viewing hours streaming content, compared to 13% in 2013. This change has been driven ...

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Chobani Expanding Its Battles On Multiple Fronts

Chobani, which has become the top-selling Greek yogurt brand in the U.S. and an U.S. Olympic team sponsor in less than a decade of existence, is on the move globally and is introducing a half-dozen products ...

Video Insider
Can Marissa Mayer Be Brandon Tartikoff?

The complaints from content creators about YouTube's revenue sharing structure are well-documented. And as Peter Kafka and Karen Swisher wrote in Re/Code, "having the giant YouTube dominate the online video space is frightening to many," including ...

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