Xaxis Syncs Mobile Ads With Broadcast TV

Advertisers can now deliver ads to mobile devices -- as well as tablets and laptops -- that are complementary and simultaneous with ads on broadcast TV, courtesy of Xaxis Sync, a new service from Xaxis, a programmatic media and tech platform. ...


Barbara Lippert: Madblog
Episode 702: 'A Day's Work' -- Or, The War Of The Roses

One day, Don Draper sleeps past noon, crawls out of bed, and discovers that he's a giant insect. Oh, wait. That's Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis." This is Matt Weiner's "Mad Men." Same difference: both operate in a ...

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Data and Targeting Insider
Targeting Aisle 5: A Report From The Proximity Marketing Trenches

My wife and I have seen the future of in-store proximity marketing -- and it is not enough. Targeting the act of buying only gets it half right. Shopping is also about envisioning how you will ...

Online Spin
Why Marketing Needs General Sun Tzu 2.0

Over the last 18 months, I have been fortunate to work with quite a few CMOs and integrated marketing leaders from many well-known brands. All these senior marketers are very aware that their consumers and indeed ...

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