Between A Rock And A Hard Place: Why TV Isn't Anywhere On The WWE Network

The WWE Network is the greatest thing I've ever seen. Okay, that overstates the case a bit. So how about: Assessed in the broader context of human experience, the WWE Network ranks behind sunlight, indoor plumbing and relaxed-fit pantswear. But as a detail-attentive leveraging of an established media property's past and current content, it sets the standard for everything to follow. It feels like ...


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Study: One In Five With Netflix Or Hulu Are Cord-Cutters

There's a reason why the cable industry is pushing data caps: Consumers with high-speed Web service are increasingly deciding to do without pricey cable television subscriptions. Experian Marketing Services says in a new report that nearly ...

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Can Marissa Mayer Be Brandon Tartikoff?

The complaints from content creators about YouTube's revenue sharing structure are well-documented. And as Peter Kafka and Karen Swisher wrote in Re/Code, "having the giant YouTube dominate the online video space is frightening to many," including ...

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Are Buyer Personas A Waste Of Time?

In 2014, you'd better understand your audience before you start marketing. In this era of preference marketing, buyers are in control. When online information became ubiquitous, the customer suddenly didn't have to simply accept what marketing ...

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