WPP: Xaxis Less 'Trading Desk,' More 'Audience Buying Model'

The world's largest buyer of media, WPP Group, is repositioning itself as the world's largest buyer of audiences. That's the perspective some Wall Street analysts are advising investors following WPP's second-quarter earnings report, and the emphasis it has been putting on the role of its programmatic media unit Xaxis, which it sees less as a "trading desk" and more of an "audience buying model." ...


Mobile Insider
Simple To Learn, Hard To Master

The console gaming industry had its ass handed to it by mobile. One EA exec recently admitted that game companies asked for too much money and attention from their customers. This may be true of media ...

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A Very Good Emmys Telecast Was Sadly Relegated To The Dog Days Of August

The always agreeable and effortlessly charming Seth Meyers certainly isn't afraid to bite the hand that feeds him. Those of us who attended NBC's upfront presentation in New York City last May can readily recall the ...

Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
Time For A Happy Ending?

Ethics are so twentieth century. This is now. Newspapers and magazines are gasping for life; who can afford the luxury of standing on principle? As such, in deciding who gets to work at Emit, one of ...

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