We Congratulate All The Winners


Creative Media Awards

  • Audio

    Creative use of audio as a campaign’s centerpiece (includes radio).

  • Branded Entertainment

    Campaign creatively utilizing product placement or branded entertainment media opportunities as its centerpiece.

  • Business Media

    Creative use of print, TV, digital and/or other media in a campaign aimed at a business-to-business audience.

  • Content Marketing (including Native)

    The creative use of content to promote a product, brand or service.

  • Creative

    Best creative execution or creative direction of advertising content by a media agency.

  • Media Plan

    The most creative integrated plan across three or more advertising media.

  • Mobile Media

    Creative use of mobile media as a campaign’s centerpiece.

  • Multicultural/LGBT Media

    Campaign creatively using media aimed at a specific multicultural/LGBT segment.

  • New/Emerging/Experimental Media (excluding online)

    A campaign creatively utilizing a new or experimental medium such as mobile marketing technologies, non-linear media platforms, satellite radio, podcasting, RFID, etc.

  • Online Media: Branding

    Creative use of online media as the centerpiece for a branding campaign.

  • Online Media: Search

    Creative use of search engine marketing as the centerpiece of an advertising campaign.

  • Outdoor Media

    Creative use of outdoor or place-based media as a campaign’s centerpiece.

  • Performance Media & Marketing (including Direct Response, TV, Email, etc.)

    Creative use of performance-based advertising or marketing in any media.

  • Print (magazines and newspapers)

    Creative use of magazines or newspapers in a campaign aimed at a consumer audience.

  • Research/Consumer Insights

    Innovative use of proprietary or syndicated research that resulted in a creative media strategy.

  • Social Media

    Creative use of social networks as a campaign’s centerpiece.

  • TV or Interactive/Enhanced TV

    Campaign creatively using TV, interactive or addressable technology to enhance advertising.