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MediaPost Summits feature mornings that include Keynotes, Case Studies, and Panels that feature the top minds in the industry. The afternoons are a selection of activities that allow for the attendees it network over exciting outings. The evenings bring the group back together for cocktails and unforgettable dinner experiences. The most up to date theme of the conference can be found on the homepage of the event.

Please check back for Agenda updates. Meanwhile please take a look at the content from the previous Summit.

Previous Event Agenda
Email Insider Summit: Jun 2015

6:00 PM Welcome Cocktail Reception Fluent
8:00 AM Registration Opens
8:15 AM Full Breakfast
8:30 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation StrongView

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8:45 AM Opening Remarks
Dianna Dilworth , Editor EmailMarketingDaily, MediaPost
9:00 AM Keynote: From Siloed to Synchronized: How Email Marketers Can Lead the Data-Driven Omnichannel Program

As sophisticated marketing organizations focus on delivering contextually relevant communications to their customers, many struggle with who leads the charge.  The critical elements of such an effort include everything from data acquisition and insight development to content creation and campaign execution. This keynote will discuss possible frameworks and approaches to leveraging data, people and marketing channels to move from siloed outbound communications to integrated conversations.   

Ryan Deutsch , DVP, Digital Marketing, Sears Holdings Corporation
9:30 AM Panel: Thinking Beyond the Coupon: How to Reward Loyal Customers

All email marketers are always looking to build loyalty among customers. This session will explore how rewards programs work, what works well in recurring programs, the role of incentives and how to surprise and delight loyal customers.

Phil Davis , CBO, TowerData
Daniel de Grandpre , CEO, DealNews
Roxanne Joe , Director, Marketing Strategy, Orchard Supply Hardware
Dino Michetti , VP/GM, Epsilon
Sasha Williams , Director of Customer Loyalty, The Pacers
10:15 AM Panel: Making the Most Out of Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are one of the most trusted messages in the inbox. These emails generate high click through rates and rarely land in the spam box. Still, marketers have to be careful not to overload these messages with too much marketing content. This panel will discuss how marketers are balancing the marketing content in transactional emails, how these messages are being measured and what testing tactics they are implementing in these messages.

Sue Cho , Email Marketing Manager, The Honest Company
Steve Dille , SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Message Systems
Michael Fellner , Director of Retention Marketing, Nasty Gal
Patrick Fitzgerald , Vice President, Interactive, SIRIUS XM Radio
Nancy Luong , Senior Digital Marketing Manager, American Apparel
11:00 AM Case Study: Why You Need to Send More Email

Most email marketers are conditioned to think that sending too much email is a bad thing. Total Wine put this concept to the test and discovered that purchases through email increased 34 percent simply by increasing email volume by 30 percent. In this session, marketers will learn how Total Wine succeeded by challenging often unquestioned beliefs about email. 

Allie Donovan , Manager, eCommerce, Total Wine & More
11:30 AM Panel: Exploring Advanced Email Marketing Practices

Email marketing is getting more sophisticated as marketers are more regularly employing big data for tactics like advanced segmentation and predictive modeling. This panel will explore how email marketers are refining the practice using tactics including: advanced segmentation, digital attribution, predictive modeling and advanced reporting.

Dianna Dilworth , Editor EmailMarketingDaily, MediaPost
Michelle Casey , Vice President, Global Strategic Services, Alchemy Worx
Kellen Malstrom , Retention Marketing Manager, Warby Parker
John Sahagian , VP, Baxter Credit Union
12:15 PM Roundtables

Creating a Data-Driven Omnichannel Programled by Ryan Deutsch
Loyalty in Email led by Kara Trivunovic, Epsilon
Navigating Transactional Emails led by Sue Cho
Email Frequency led by Allie Donovan
Advanced Email Practices led by Michelle Casey

1:00 PM Lunch
1:15 PM Sponsor Luncheon Presentation Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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2:00 PM Afternoon Activities

Golf at The Ocean Course
Marsh Kayaking
Wildlife in the Wetlands Bicycle Tour
Captain Jack’s Kiawah Sailing

5:30 PM One on One Meetings
7:00 PM Cocktail Reception Movable Ink
8:00 PM Dinner Reception Teradata
9:30 PM After Party Email on Acid
8:00 AM Full Breakfast
8:15 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation yesmail

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8:45 AM Welcome Back
9:00 AM Keynote: It’s All About The Customer: Navigating Channels, Big Data & Complexity to Hear Your Customer’s Voice

At its core, email is about a conversation between us and our customer – we’ve always heard their voices in our campaign metrics (did they open?, did they click?, did they buy?). Today, our business is riding a wave of new approaches and new information (did they like? who did they friend? how long did they linger on that page? Were they standing in the coffee line when they looked at my message?) that is amplifying the customers voice almost to the point where we can't hear it anymore! Amazon's Don Parsons will talk about some experiences in this new world and share ideas about how to find your customer's voice in the programs you send and how to adapt your programs to drive customer engagement with your messages.


Donald Parsons , Director, Outbound Marketing, Amazon
9:30 AM Panel: Overcoming the Organizational Silos in the Marketing Department

Everyone thinks they can do email marketing, but in reality there is a reason that marketers specialize. Despite a push towards integration, many marketing teams lack alignment. In this session, email marketers will discuss how they are overcoming silos and working with colleagues and creating pipelines, as well as how they are navigating internal politics to have email’s voice heard within the larger marketing organization. Attendees will learn successful tactics for working with digital marketing colleagues, how to align budgets and strategies, how to work as a team and how to convince the CMO of email’s importance.

Morgan Stewart , Co-founder and CEO, Trendline Interactive
Kay Kerman , Email Marketing Consultant,
Matthew Sperling , Email Marketing Manager, Etsy
Catherine Weiss , Marketing Manager, Tommy Hilfiger
Michael Wilburn , Senior Director, Enterprise Data Strategy,
10:15 AM Panel: Solving the Attribution Problem

Every marketer knows that email is a large revenue generator, yet the industry is still challenged with how to manage attribution. Just as overcoming siloed marketing departments won’t happen overnight, achieving true cross channel attribution models will take some real work. In this session, marketers will discuss the attribution challenges they face at their organizations and discuss strategies to overcome the issue with email as the superglue.

Jeanne Jennings , Managing Director, Digital Marketing, Digital Prism Advisors LLC
Jean-Michel Boujon , Director of Customer Acquisition & Rentention,
Dave Hendricks , President, LiveIntent
Vicky Hsu , VP, Online Marketing, Bauer Xcel Media
Patrick Tripp , Sr. Manager, Adobe
11:00 AM Case Study: How to Discount without Devaluing Your Brand

To coupon or not to coupon? Standing behind the value of your brand/product is most often at direct odds with using coupons to discount the value that you’ve worked so hard to build.  We’ll explore strategies and tactics brands can take to remain competitive in this post-recession, discount-crazy landscape while still maintaining the integrity of your brand.

Jacquelyn Wosilius , Director of Digital Marketing, Bowlmor-AMF
11:30 AM What’s Next? Everything You Need to Know About Email Innovation

Email continues to evolve as new technologies and strategies hit the industry. In this session, email experts will discuss the latest and greatest email marketing tools, how to engage with new tools like real time countdown clocks and how to push existing tools to their limits. Attendees will learn tactics for innovating and what to expect from email down the road.

Chris Marriott , Vice President of Services & Principal Consultant, The Relevancy Group
George DiGuido , Head of Email Marketing,
Justin Orgel , Director, Strategic Accounts, Experian Marketing Services
Karim Ukani , Manager of Marketing System Strategy, United Airlines
12:15 PM Roundtables

Building Customer Experiences With Email led by Donald Parsons
Addressing Organizational Challenges led by Morgan Stewart
Email Attribution led by Jeanne Jennings
Email Innovation led by Chris Marriott
Discounting Without Devaluing led by Jacquelyn Wosilius

1:00 PM Lunch
1:15 PM Sponsor Luncheon Presentation Acxiom

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2:00 PM Afternoon Activities

Golf at Turtle Point Course
Near Coastal and Reef Fishing
Dolphin Encounter Shelling Charter
Stand-Up Paddleboarding

6:30 PM Cocktail Reception Maropost
7:30 PM Dinner Reception Epsilon
8:00 AM Continental Breakfast
8:10 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation Persado

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8:30 AM Keynote: Email 2.0 (SHOW ME THE DATA)

In a world where consumers leave an exhaust trail of data behind every move, marketers must learn to leverage data in order to optimize and systematically improve campaigns. Having the email trigger set up and deploying the content is not enough. Every email your company sends out must be the most mobile-friendly, customer-focused email you can produce. The days of “set it and forget it” are long gone, one must constantly and relentlessly be testing a strategy. In this presentation, Richard Cohene will reveal Beyond the Rack's approach to data.


Richard Cohene , VP of Marketing, Beyond the Rack
9:00 AM Panel: Navigating The Career Paths of Email Marketers

Email marketing is a technical job within a marketing team and frequently email marketers find themselves on an island. In this session, email insiders, from experienced veterans to fresh-faced new hires, will exchange war stories and discuss how the industry is evolving, how to find a mentor and how to keep their thinking fresh. Attendees will learn about how email marketing job roles are changing and what learning opportunities exist in order to help manage their email careers.


Katie Bisbee , CMO,
Jordan Cohen , CMO, Fluent
Colleen Dalton , Interactive Marketing Director, Silver Legacy Resort Casino
Andy Devoto , Senior CRM Manager, VividSeats
Yen Le , Social Media & Email Marketing, Concord Music Group
9:45 AM Panel: Getting an Email Out the Door Efficiently

Every email marketer has a different protocol for getting a campaign out the door on time and flawlessly. From campaign building, scheduling, getting approvals, working with external partners and internal stakeholders, a lot of process goes into every email effort. From concept to delivery, this email session will share insights on their own unique process they built to get an email out the door.

Erik Severinghaus , Founder and CEO, SimpleRelevance
David DeVore , CEO, Story Ports
Holly Graycar , Senior Email Marketing Manager,
Vivek Sharma , Co-Founder & CEO, Movable Ink
10:30 AM Roundtables

Building Customer Journeys led by Richard Cohene 
Growing Your List led by Dave Hendricks
Building Your Email Marketing Resume led by Katie Bisbee
Email Building Blocks led by Erik Severinghaus

11:30 AM Conference Concludes

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