Phil Davis

TowerData Chief Business Officer

Phil is a data industry veteran, previously holding high-ranking positions at a number of well-known players, including CEO of Rapleaf (now a division of TowerData), President of ConsumerBase (where he ran its data division and digital agency) and SVP/HD of the then newly formed online division of Equifax. Before Equifax, Phil was part of the management team that took Daleen Technologies public. Exceptionally energetic and personable, you’ll often find Phil discussing the benefits and best practices of utilizing big data in marketing at conferences throughout the country. At TowerData, Phil helps clients identify better, more efficient ways to engage their prospects and customers. Phil holds a B.S. from Vanderbilt University.

Meet Phil at:

Panel: Managing Frequency: Is It Possible to Send Too Much Email?
Date/Time: December 09, 9:30 AM
Deciding how often to send email is a delicate issue. Flooding a customer’s inbox could lead to complaints and unsubscribes. But not sending enough could lead to failure! In this panel, brand marketers will discuss the dos and don’ts of email frequency. How much is too much? How do we get the balance right?

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