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OMMA Data & Behavioral

Live from OMMA Behavioral

Keeping Big Data on Target

Data is HUGE in 2012. So enormous in fact that we just call it “BIG Data” now – that massive flow of behaviors, sales patterns, online and offline activities, social relationships, places, names, preferences and profiles that will undoubtedly fuel the next great era in media and marketing. Getting data isn’t the problem. Figuring out what it means to your business is “big data’s” bigger challenge this year.

At OMMA Data & Behavioral we get beyond living large on the new clichés and keep data on target for marketers. How are agencies and brands marshaling data points to improve their strategies, product mix and campaigns? With so many inputs now informing the marketing mix, how are companies crafting next-generation attribution models that make accountability, optimization and investment make sense? And what of those new inputs? Are mobile and social platforms supplying new data sets that move the industry beyond merely tracking and towards new products and services? And as data comes from everywhere, both consumers and regulators are taking notice. Are data security, consumer control and privacy poised to derail the data train just as it leaves the station?

As the OMMA Data & Behavioral series enters its fifth year we broaden our reach to hug the larger field that targeting has become. But the expansive, trendy topic of “big data” needs to be cut down to size if marketers hope to use it here and now. At OMMA Data and Behavioral we keep data on target for the needs of media buyers, planners and publishers.

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