Colette Dill-Lerner

PopSugar EVP of Performance Marketing

As Executive Vice President, Colette Dill-Lerner is responsible for the development of POPSUGAR’s marketing infrastructure and platforms for new audience discovery and engagement. Prior to joining POPSUGAR, Colette served as Vice President of Internet Marketing at Guthy-Renker where she was responsible for all domestic internet demand creation and internet media buying. Before Guthy-Renker, Colette was Managing Partner at The Tomato Farm Marketing and also held a prior role at Guthy-Renker’s Home division as VP of Marketing. As a digital marketing and ad tech leader, Colette specializes in new user acquisition across historical and emerging digital media channels. She received a BA in Political Science from Rutgers University.

Meet Colette at:

Keynote Conversation
Date/Time: 1:45 PM

Panel: Grill The Vendors -- Attribution Nation
Date/Time: 2:15 PM

In a multi-channel world of relentless and very different data inputs, the name of the game in buying and planning is assigning credit and blame to components in that last plan. Everyone knows that “last click attribution” is metrics at its dumbest, but it remains the dominant model. The hunt for the right algorithm goes on and it has spawned layers of solutions. In this edition of the classic OMMA Grill the Vendors session we call in the companies that claim to be cracking the code on attribution. How are they different? How are they valuing their service? Is interactive attribution ultimately evolving into a feature of Web analytics? And what can we learn from these vendors now about assessing the complex impact of offline efforts with online campaigns, branding, earned media, social outreach and search?

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