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Wednesday, February 19

8:00 AM
Breakfast and Registration opens
9:00 AM
Introductory Remarks
Steve Smith, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost
9:15 AM
Data is transforming all pieces in the marketing chain of course. But as advertisers move beyond familiar direct marketing tactics and into advanced analytics they face a dizzying array of inputs, and unstructured data and huge operational challenges. But agencies themselves are being transformed as new skill sets, more tasks, slimmer margins and internal inertia press against old models. Ogilvy CDO Todd Cullen proposes the “agency of the future” must inhale data at every planning and creative stage in order to serve the data driven client and thrive in a new marketing context.
Todd Cullen, Global Chief Data Officer, Ogilvy
9:45 AM
RIP to the ‘funnel.’ Goodbye to the ‘purchase path.’ We are all on ‘journeys’ now. Consumer decisions are adventures, which generally involve multiple screens, compressed time frames, and a range of modes and moments that lead to the online or offline point of sale. More informed by more channels of information than ever before, consumers are the real starting point for any discussion of ‘data.’ Marketers need a new map before they can determine which data and touch points are most important to their product category and brand. We start OMMA DDM with that new consumer and their data inputs. How have the technologies at hand and in pocket changed the ways customers find their way to brands, buy buttons and checkout lines?
Kevin Geraghty, SVP of Advanced Analytics and Decision Sciences, 360i
Matt Blasco, Managing Director of Analytics and Insights, Havas Worldwide
John Dempsey, Head of Mobile & Video, Datalogix
Jeff Hassemer, SVP of Global Product Strategy, Cross-Channel Marketing, Experian Marketing Services
Chris Reynolds, Vice President, Data & Marketing Analytics, Conde Nast
10:30 AM
Heineken’s Newcastle Brown Ale didn’t run a Super Bowl ad this year. They didn’t have to. The #ifwemadeit spoofs turned other brands’ pricey Big Game spots into affordable, viral storyboards that took the social nets by storm. Brand Director Quinn Kilbury tells us how data played a key role in scaling even a quick-hit Twitter-led ambush campaign. Data can be a campaign amplifier, not just a narrowcast filter.
Quinn Kilbury, Brand Director, Heineken/Newcastle Brown Ale
11:00 AM
11:30 AM
Data Management Platforms have been the critical hub for ingesting the torrents of third party data pouring into marketing departments. But are they really ready to feed on the offline and transactional data that will close the loop for marketers? How will the next generation of DMPs plug into the wider range of internal marketing and data systems and to programmatic media buying and planning platforms as they migrate beyond online display? And how are companies making the most of the platforms yhey already have in place. We ask vendors and users to assess the role, promise and perils of the DMP.
Shirley Xu-Weldon, VP/Analytics, VivaKi
Kerel Cooper, Senior Director of Digital Ad Platform Strategies, Advance Digital
Phil Geyskens, EVP, Data and Analytics Director, Starcom
Kalyan Lanka, Vice President, Product Management, Lotame
Alan Silverberg, Media Platforms Director, Moxie
12:15 PM
Two things are for certain about the emerging data-driven marketing economy. First, tracking user behaviors across devices, out of home and in store will be critical to leveraging data most effectively. Second, we are a long way from making good on point number One. But until we get there, marketers need to find proxies, workarounds and good-enoughs to target consumers across desktop, TV, smartphone, tablet. OOH and into the store. A lot of suppliers promise the ‘holy grail’ that will knit online and offline, desktop and mobile. But where are they really in that effort? How are media planners actually starting to leverage the multiple screens even without adequate cross-platform targeting? What does the integrated plan of the future look like?
Marc Ryan, Co-CEO, InsightExpress
Stephanie Bauer Marshall, Director, Precision Market Insights, Verizon
Yaakov Kimelfeld, Chief Research Officer, Millward Brown Digital
Kajal Mukhopadhyay, PhD, Xaxis Director, Performance and Measurement, Xaxis
George Musi, Senior Partner, Dir. of Analytics, Insights and Attribution, Mindshare
Dan Taylor, Director of Global Display, Google
1:00 PM
1:45 PM
Welcome Back
2:00 PM
There are a lot of opportunities to transform marketing performance through the application of big data. But pursuit of these opportunities can entail severe brand risk. Managing this risk explicitly will be a critical component of ensuring success. This talk will explore the importance of this issue and the actions that companies can take to address it.
John Rose, Senior Partner, The Boston Consulting Group
2:30 PM
After a decade or more of promises, data, technologies, analytics and even consumer interest may finally come together in genuinely personalized services. From targeted offers to more humanized customer service, customized CRM to life cycle marketing -- even personal pricing -- companies are making use of the profiles they have built for their customers. But where are they getting the most bang for their personalization buck? What kinds of custom care do people most value? How can personalization be made scalable, affordable and accountable for ROI? Is 2014 the year marketers start walking the walk of one-to-one tactics?
Maria Tazi, Strategic Brand and Marketing Consultant, Prophet
Christopher Hansen, President, Netmining
Oren Harnevo, CEO & Co-founder, Eyeview
Kimberly Kyaw, Head of Digital Marketing and Social Media, Land Rover
Henry Lawson, CEO, AutoGraph
Anush Prabhu, Partner, Chief Channel Planning & Investment Officer, Deutsch NY
3:15 PM
3:30 PM
With great data power comes great responsibility. Many companies are just one security breach or privacy misstep away from compromising the trust of consumers. But as customers’ behavioral and financial records move more freely throughout an organization in order to power more initiatives, the risks escalate. Who gets to use what data when, where and why are questions every organization must answer now. Data governance must address multiple audiences: marketers, consumers, regulators and business partners. Our panel of security, privacy and regulatory experts explore what every company needs to know about building data governance policies that safeguard both customers and the brand.
Marc Groman, President and CEO, Network Advertising Initiative
Joe DeMarco, Partner, DeVore & DeMarco LLP
Matt Nitzberg, EVP, dunnhumby
Wilson Raj, Global Director, Customer Intelligence, SAS
Rachel Nyswander Thomas, Executive Director, Data-Driven Marketing Institute, Direct Marketing Association
4:15 PM
While data large and small is driving online programmatic and demand side platforms, its impact on TV may be both subtler and bigger. The explosion of data inputs is changing the way TV audiences are conceived and targeted and spots are planned and bought. As our understanding deepens about who is watching what, when, where and why, both sellers and buyers are developing more sophisticated and granular models that shift valuations from programming to audiences. This change could be at least as tectonic for TV as it has been for online display. Buying audiences rather than time or content could challenge decades of media planning habits and media production priorities. We bring together the technologies, media and buyers most involved in these changes to explore how big data is about to go high def.
Joe Mandese, Editor-in-Chief, MediaPost
Bruce Goerlich, Chief Research Officer, Rentrak
Walt Horstman, General Manager, AudienceXpress
Jon Mandel, CEO, PrecisionDemand
Dave Morgan, CEO, Simulmedia, Inc.
Mike Welch, President, AT&T AdWorks
5:00 PM
Conference Concludes