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The Year Of ‘Smart’ Data

‘Big’ is good. ‘Smart’ is better. The first wave of the big data revolution was about scale, processing massive data inputs to render new insights about customers and markets. The next wave is more targeted – knitting together diverse sources, scaling the data against specific goals, crafting internal processes and policies that make the most of the data, and figuring out how to quantify and attribute the diverse marketing you already do. At the second annual winter edition of OMMA’s Data Driven Marketing (DDM) event we advance the conversation beyond the “big data” rhetoric of 2013 and get more practical. As companies make their investments in data and the technology “stack” how are they integrating both into everyday marketing decisions, product development and campaign planning?

At OMMA DDM we explore some of the real-world challenges marketers face in finding the ROI in data investment. We start with the consumer and that complex “journey” that is itself a data gathering exercise across screens. But we also look at the technology “stack” marketers and agencies need to erect in order to track and serve that customer, often in real time. Then we engage two of the biggest challenges ahead: tracking consumers beyond the Web onto devices and offline, and using data to create more human and personal interactions along the way. And because data ultimately is coming from the consumer, we engage how companies become stewards of personal information. And finally we follow the data trail where it loops back to the starting point – attribution. How do marketers assess the real value data adds to the process?

At OMMA DDM we upgrade the conversation around the data driven marketing game. It is less about ow big your data is than it is about how wisely and well you use it.

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