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Customer First, Mobile Next: This Disruption Will Be Mobilized

Live from OMMA Mobile at Internet Week

Don’t be distracted by that bright shiny object…because your customers aren’t. The mobile revolution has never been about technology. It has been about new use cases, fundamental changes in retail and media behaviors, and “mobile moments,” all created by consumers and their own innovative ways of integrating devices with everyday wants and needs. They have always been far in advance of the electronics companies, media or marketers now chasing them. At OMMA Mobile 2012 we come at mobile marketing from the consumer side in. We zoom in on the key points of mobile disruption, from brand relationships with consumers to new habits in the retail aisles, from the ways in which all of us scope out local services (and one another) now to the battle for attention between new and old screens in everyone’s living room. And amidst all of this marketers and media companies need to understand where to invest, how not to waste time and treasure and when oh when this mass mobilization renders sustainable returns that match the consumer energy here. The only way to capitalize on the great mobile disruption of the next five years is to follow the customer, because she – not Apple, not Google, not VCs or gadget blogs - is at the head of this train.

The OMMA Mobile series began on the day the iPhone was first introduced in 2007, and we mark our fifth year by following the user not the gadgets.  We ask marketers to explore how and when their customers most need to touch their brands and how mobile product can evolve from these “moments.” We ask retailers and their agencies how mobile shopping is now occurring everywhere from desk to couch to aisle 5 and how mobile strategies have to chase evolving mobile behaviors. We ask the TV networks and their ad partners how they plan to manage the challenge of second screens distracting eyeballs. We look beyond the trendy “check-in” to see how location-based and socially-driven new products can serve the always-on, always there, always-aware mobilized consumer. And in our signature agency executive roundtable and RFP bake-off, OMMA Mobile brings it on home to Mediapost’s traditional focus – the buyer, planner, brand strategist. How can the mobile disruptions, now obvious at every point in the sales chain, inform and improve marketing strategies that succeed in an age of super-empowered customers.

This was never about mobile. It was always about consumers mobilized.

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