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Thursday, July 24

8:00 AM
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Introductory Remarks
Steve Smith, Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost
9:15 AM
The early stage of the open RTB marketplace was characterized by nearly unlimited inventory and bargain basement pricing. But as viewability safeguards come online and buyers focus on higher quality and safe inventory, prices are already on the rise. How are changes in the supply/ demand dynamic in open RTB impacting campaigns? Do they affect different segments more than others? Are marketers shifting their KPIs and goals accordingly? Are changes in pricing and quality inventory scarcity informing bid strategies, creative approaches or buying channels? What is the state of the RTB inventory now, and how are buyers shifting with the market?
Susan Bidel, Senior Analyst, Forrester
Yvonne Abt, VP, Partner, Portfolio Management, UM Worldwide
Jared Lake, Director, Digital Media, Hawthorne Direct
Edwin Lee, VP of Strategy Account, MediaMath
Joel Nierman, VP, Media & Digital Strategy, Liquidus Marketing
10:00 AM
One of the leading proponents of agency investment in programmatic platforms, Razorfish’s new Global Media Chief will explore with us how he is advising brands like DHL, Starwood, HSN and Best Buy on where and how much automated ad systems should be impacting their digital strategy. How are agencies discussing the many public challenges facing programmatic platforms, from fraud to effectiveness? And how do these pieces fit in with Razorfish’s major partnerships and custom programs with Google, Facebook and Twitter? As programmatic matures, what relationship ill it have to the larger digital ad economy?
Vik Kathuria, Global Chief Media Officer, Razorfish
Joe Mandese, Editor-in-Chief, MediaPost
10:30 AM
Coffee Break
11:00 AM
Programmatic buying exemplifies the “push button” mentality in the digital marketing world. If it can’t be automated (i.e., requiring little or no thought), it’s not worth doing. Right? Wrong. Automating a process doesn’t mean the strategic aspects of engagement, creative stimulation and establishing effective strategic objectives are null. On the contrary, the current and next generation of digital marketer will have to amplify every aspect of his approach. In this session digital marketing veteran Kevin M. Ryan maps a course through the new technology with the trusty compass of traditional marketing.
Kevin Ryan, CEO and Founder, Motivity Marketing, Inc.
11:30 AM
Breathtaking statistics and withering reports on the prevalence of fraud in the ad exchange economy have advertisers wondering if their campaigns are really targeting just the wrong bot at just the wrong time and place. Bad actors and fraud safeguards appear to be in an endless arms race of miscounting impressions, hijacked inventory, overlaid ads and gaming the technology? As the blight creeps into video inventory the CPM risks are higher as are the brands involved. Is this a permanent state for digital advertising, and how does it impact the embrace of programmatic technologies outside of display?
Dan Chen, Managing Director, Siemer & Associates, LLC
Dick Bennett, Founder/CEO, ImServices/AAM
Jeremy Leonard, COO, IMM
Andy Terentjev, Sr Director, Enterprise West, comScore, Inc
Mark Torrance, CTO, Rocket Fuel
12:15 PM
The first years of programmatic advertising have been about the data and the targeting, the bidding and the scale. Isn’t it time creative caught up? Are template, uninspired calls to action all we really need when the targeting precision is this tight, anyway? Is retargeting a shopper with recently viewed items as good as this gets? Does creative have a more complex role in the performance on demand side platforms? Is human artistry worthwhile here? Or is this just something more technology and automation can provide?
Bryan Noguchi, SVP, Media Director, R2C Group
Judge Graham, President, Sq1
Stefan Kosel, GM Product, Reactx
Grant McDougall, Managing Partner, Head of Technology & Telecommunications Industry Group, Rosetta
Jason Alan Snyder, Vice President, Director of Creative Technology, North America, Momentum Worldwide
Stephanie Waddle, Group Media Director, Deutsch LA
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
Welcome Back
2:15 PM
A central promise of RTB and programmatic advertising was greater transparency in the market, as inventory, data, and pricing were supposed to become clearer to all players. Buyers were supposed to know what, from whom and at what price and markup they were buying placements. Is this the case? Surely publishers are still wary of putting inventory up for bid with complete transparency. The ways in which arbitrage and markups are handled at the trading desks is not always apparent to the client. And the unwieldy number of actual touchpoints in this complex system requires a web of outsourcing, deals and undisclosed players that is hard for anyone to unravel? Is this the “transparency” we expected?
Tameka Kee, Founder, TJK Media
Josh Engroff, Chief Digital Media Officer; Managing Partner , The Media Kitchen; kbs+ Ventures
Sean Holzman, Chief Brand Development Officer, Bonnier Corporation
Nishat Mehta, EVP, Global Partnerships, dunnhumby
Marcus Pratt, VP, Insights & Technologies, Mediasmith
Marc Vermut, VP, Strategy, Marketshare
3:15 PM
Coffee Break
3:30 PM
Like eyeballs and time spent, programmatic platforms are migrating to mobile even faster than they are technologically prepared. Twitter and its MoPub are cutting mega-deals with Madison Ave. The major supply side platforms are rushing in to buy or build mobile extensions, and many major media are already complementing their mobile native ads with in-feed units from private and open exchanges. But is the infrastructure of data, targeting and accountability up to the challenge of a mobile migration? Is cross-platform tracking and attribution really better than a year or two ago? Has the absent cookie issue been solved, really? Are these ads performing yet for buyers and sellers, or is the market getting ahead of itself?
Jay Field, Senior Vice President, Extended Footprint
Jonathan David, Founder & CEO, Tapstone
John Hartman, President, Piston
Rob Kramer, GM, Mobile, OpenX
4:15 PM
Facebook disrupted the exchange economy two years ago in introducing its own RTB platform in FBX. The inventory was massive and initial reports on performance were positive. But after two years of experience with the platform what have media buyers and planners learned about what this, and who this inventory, is good for? Site and search retargeting, expanded reach, consideration, conversion? And what are FBX buyers learning about how best to leverage the platform’s optimization, analytics and attribution tools? And is FBX forcing other exchanges, open and private, to adjust their feature set and positioning among buyers?
Gabe Gottlieb, CEO, Adomic
Christopher Hansen, President, Netmining
Drew Huening, Associate Director, Social Channel, VivaKi
Ryan Johnson, Head of Interaction, MediaCom LA
Amrita Sahasrabudhe, Director of Marketing, Aramark
Kelly Wrather, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Kenshoo
5:00 PM
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