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OMMA RTB: Real-Time Buying: Feb 2014

8:00 AM Breakfast and Registration opens
9:00 AM Introductory Remarks
Joe Mandese , Editor-in-Chief, MediaPost
Steve Smith , Editorial Director, Events, MediaPost
9:15 AM Shifting Programmatic’s Focus From Efficiency To Effectiveness: A Conversation With Magna’s Neeraj Kochhar

Automation and programmatic, including RTB, are just as much about effectiveness as they are about efficiency. The promise of targeted reach at scale is now within sight via the right integration of data, technology, & media. Kochhar, head of programmatic at Interpublic’s Mediabrands’ Magna Global, explains the upside for agencies, brands and the media in a candid conversation with MediaPost’s Joe Mandese.

Neeraj Kochhar , Managing Director, Programmatic, Magna Global
Joe Mandese , Editor-in-Chief, MediaPost
9:45 AM The Brand Challenge: Can RTB Get Beyond DR?

For direct marketers RTB has been a treasure trove of new efficiency, new levels of transparency and piles of data. But the original pitch for RTB was that it would make display a safer place for brand advertising. Let’s start OMMA RTB by asking the buyers and the planners whether their own ise of these technologies has evolved beyond DR? Despite claims to the contrary, CTR is still the baseline metric. Even the handful of brand trading desks fill RTB with classic DR calls to action. And how much of this inventory is really showing up on sites and locations where branding really happens? Are we really branding yet?

Tyler Loechner , Reporter, MediaPost
Keith Gooberman , Founder, Programmatic Mechanics
Vik Kathuria , Global Head, Digital Investment Group/Corporate Strategy, Mediacom
Wade Rifkin , VP, Programmatic Lead, DigitasLBi
Donnie Williams , Chief Digital Officer, Horizon Media
10:30 AM Keynote: Programmatic Approaches Will Dominate Media Buying: A Brand Marketer Shows Why

Last year Lenovo embarked on a global project that implements a programmatic approach to their digital media buying across the many agencies, trading desks and exchanges with which they deal around the world. Seven months after launching the platform, the brand’s Director, Global Digital Marketing Manager reports on that they achieved in 2013. But more to the point, Milner shares his vision for how and why software-based media buying will “eat” the traditional media buying process.

Gary Milner , Director, Global Digital Marketing Manager, Lenovo
11:00 AM Coffee Break convert media
11:30 AM Supply Side Story: Are Media Brands Really Real time Now?

The major media are finally here…or so they say. The marquee content providers that avoided that spent years avoiding, even insulting, demand side platforms are now erecting private exchanges and managing RTB inventory. But what is the state of high quality display in these platforms and how is it impacting premium inventory? Are private exchanges really paying off? Did the channel conflict and depressed pricing publishers always feared come to pass? And how about all of the data and new clients these exchanges were supposed to surface for publishers? Has real-time made good on any of the promises these supply side vendors pitched?

Colin Gillis , Senior Technology Analyst and Director of Research, BGC Partners
Alanna Gombert , GM, CatalystDesk, Conde Nast
Jeremy Hlavacek , VP of Programmatic, The Weather Channel
Paul Rostowski , President, Varick Media Management
Jay Seideman , US Director of Targeting and Exchange Team, Microsoft
12:15 PM Great Tech, Crappy Ads: Creativity in The Age Of The Algorithm

The data is gushing in to find the right people. The real-time bidding and targeting technology is here to find them at the right time. And the inventory is making the places we find them better every day. So why do so many of the ads still suck? The creative execution of real time display continues to be the weakest link as the targeting of display appears far more personalized than the creative. Is this a tech problem solved by dynamic creative systems and better A/B testing? How much “versioning” is practical, affordable and ultimately effective in these campaigns? Or does RTB require a rethink about how display advertising is conceived, priced, and built? We engage the next critical step for all flavors of programmatic advertising – making better ads.

Dr. David Castillo , CTO, Voltari
Josh Engroff , Chief Digital Media Officer; Managing Partner , The Media Kitchen; kbs+ Ventures
Adam Heimlich , SVP Digital Strategy, Horizon Media
Jeff Hirsch , President, CPXi
Joseph Lavan , Director of Data and Insights, Netmining
1:00 PM Lunch
1:20 PM Sponsor Presentation BrightRoll
1:40 PM Sponsor Presentation The Trade Desk
2:00 PM Presentation: Using RTB to Drive Cross-Screen Purchase Intent

Join Chris Hiland, one of BPN’s “Radical Thinkers”, as he explores how marketers are using new research and findings to drive purchase intent among consumers in a fragmented, multi-screen world. This session will provide key insights on how consumers are viewing information on various devices and how we as industry can seamlessly bridge the gap from TV to digital.

Chris Hiland , Chief Strategy Officer, BPN
2:30 PM Can You See (Through) Me Now? Is Transparency A False Promise?

A central promise of RTB and programmatic advertising was greater transparency in the market, as inventory, data, and pricing were supposed to become clearer to all players. Buyers were supposed to know what, from whom and at what price and markup they were buying placements. Is this the case? Surely publishers are still wary of putting inventory up for bid with complete transparency. The ways in which arbitrage and markups are handled at the trading desks is not always apparent to the client. And the unwieldy number of actual touchpoints in this complex system requires a web of outsourcing, deals and undisclosed players that is hard for anyone to unravel? Is this the “transparency” we expected?

Joe Mandese , Editor-in-Chief, MediaPost
Bill Lederer , Founder/Chairman/CEO, MediaCrossing
Art Muldoon , CEO, Co-Founder, Accordant Media
Morten Pedersen , Founder, GLUE2020
3:15 PM Coffee Break convert media


3:30 PM It’s All About The Bid: Tactics for Getting Value From RTB

RTB was sold to the media buyers as a more efficient system where advertisers and the market determine the fair value of an audience for a specific campaign. But it all comes down to how the buyer values that impression and how and why they bid for it. What are the real dynamics at work in the RTB market? Do buyers bid to win or to make the other guy pay too much? Should you spread low bids across many markets or bid high to ensure the right wins? How are bidders getting advance intelligence about current pricing and demand for segments? And how can or should the system change to make the bidding process more efficient?

Hugh McGoran , Chief Revenue Officer, Magnetic
Andrew Casale , VP, Strategy, Casale Media
Sabine Cummins , VP of Media, iCrossing
Beatriz Fernandez de Bordons , SVP of Performance Media, Performics
Yoav Naveh , CEO, ConvertMedia
Vincent Paolozzi , VP of Marketplace Development & Investment, Magna Global
4:15 PM Programmatic ‘Native’: No, Seriously?

The big question around ‘native advertising’ (apart from the ethical ones) is whether it scales. And ad tech is here with the usual solution – throw some algorithms at it and push content into the real time pipeline. But can this emerging blend of content marketing and RTB really work? Is ‘native’ really native when it hushes into remnant inventory everywhere? What role does context play here? Or does programmatic native actually help solve the creative dilemma of RTB by placing more compelling content into the display ad mix? Is native the next frontier for ad tech or an impasse where tech meets its own ‘native’ limits?

Gordon McLeod , President, Krux
Roy Chung , Director of Research and Development, VivaKi
Scott Cunningham , SVP of Product Development, sovrn
Evan Hanlon , Manager of Audience Strategy, Xaxis
Ben Plomion , VP of Marketing, Chango
Steve Sachs , CEO, OneSpot
5:00 PM Conference Concludes

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