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Living Up To The RTB Hype: A 2014 Gut Check

So much technology. So much investment. So many promises of efficiency, transparency, brand safety, market dynamics. Four years into the relentless charge of programmatic and real time systems and it is time for an industry gut check. RTB is no longer a small wager on a possible digital future. From trading desks at the center of agency business models to private exchanges by major media brands, the entire supply chain now has a major stake in the real time bidding, buying and planning process.

OMMA RTB enters its third year by holding the industry’s feet to the fire on whether advertisers and publishers really got what they were bidding on. We were promised an easier path for brand advertising, but has RTB really advanced beyond direct response into remnant inventory. This process was supposed to be more transparent to both buyers and sellers, but has RTB actually made data, pricing, competition visibility even more opaque? And whatever happened to those higher CPMs for publishers? A more rational, market-driven valuation of audiences not inventory? The data that was supposed to give greater insight into the customer base and purchase path?

For three years OMMA RTB has led the conversation about programmatic buying and data-driven demand-side ad tech. We kick off the 2014 series by comparing where ad tech is to where it started. Has RTB lived up to its own hype?

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