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It’s been a rough 12 months or so for the online video industry. Though it persists with double-digit growth, the old issues of fraud and transparency have given the digital video industry some unwanted publicity of late.

Depending on whom you ask, upwards of 50 percent of online video ad impressions these days are “unvieawable,” which means the impressesions were either buried low on Web pages and/or they ran in tiny players that could be easily ignored by end users, or they ran simultaneously with other ads, or maybe, the impressions were generated by a zombie bot network designed to drive clicks and impressions that weren’t viewed by a human being at all.

What a mess. So what’s an advertiser to do?

Given the pervasiveness of fraud, the expensiveness of video, and the difficulty in measuring campaigns across devices and vendors, has online video lost its allure for advertisers? Should advertisers bother spending money on video-specific creative in the wake of these problems?

At this year’s Internet Week edition of OMMA Video, we’ll open by asking these tough questions.

One of the main complaints among advertisers—and indeed, some think this has been a driver of pervasive fraud—has been the lack of quality video inventory to meet advertiser demand. Just in time, perhaps, social networking behemoth Facebook has rolled out a new Premium Video Ads product, which our experts from the buy and sell sides will take an in-depth look at.

We’ll also analyze the massive growth of the mobile video market and the opportunities as well as the challenges preventing advertising from keeping pace with skyrocketing mobile video consumption.

The recently concluded Digital Content NewFronts saw several media giants unveil a slew of new original video programming touting some big name stars, which we’ll examine in the afternoon. We’ll ask the sell-siders whether these shows really can pull in TV-sized audiences this time, and let the buy-side tell us how the latest slate of original video series was received.

Finally, we’ll round out the day with a discussion about the Media Rating Council’s viewability standards, and how its recent finding will affect video transparency, and ultimately, pricing.

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