Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Les Luchter, May 27, 2009, 10:00 AM
  • JetAmerica Plans July Takeoff USA Today

    JetAmerica, the latest venture from Skybus founder John Weikle, plans to launch July 13 with promotional fares as low as $9 one way. Typical normal fares will begin at $69.

    Cities served via Boeing 737s will include Newark, N.J.; Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.; Toledo, Ohio; South Bend, Ind.; Lansing, Mich.; and Melbourne-Vero Beach, Fla. Miami Air International, a charter carrier, will provide and operate the aircraft for JetAmerica.

    Skybus, which offered some seats for as low as $10, operated for less than a year until grounded by financial difficulties in April 2008. Weikle had left the company the previous May. Read the whole story...

  • Nokia's Ovia Store Opens To Chorus Of Jeers BetaNews

    Nokia opened its Ovi app store to users in many countries Monday, and AT&T announced an Ovi launch in the U.S. "later this year." Judging from initial reports, Apple's iPhone doesn't have much to worry about.

    BetaNews, quoting a user complaining of "mostly crappy wallpapers and ringtones," called it a "rocky start," as the Ovi Team's blog apologized for "extraordinarily high spikes of traffic that resulted in some performance issues for users."

    Other negative reviewers included PC Magazine ("The store is kind of a mess...."), TechCrunch ("a complete disaster"), and (an "underwhelming" experience). Read the whole story...

  • Samsung Helps Seniors Fight Jitterbug Bug South Florida Sun-Sentinel

    Samsung has voluntarily recalled 160,000 of its Jitterbug cell phones, marketed largely to senior citizens thanks to such features as a prominent emergency button, because of possible failure to connect with 9-1-1 operators when out of normal service range.

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission said Samsung and Jitterbug parent GreatCall are contacting affected consumers directly for software upgrades to correct the problem. Read the whole story...

  • SeaWorld Adds Bloggers to Press Launch Event How To Split An Atom Blog

    Busch Entertainment's SeaWorld last week took a group of bloggers for a ride on its new roller-coaster, the Manta. In this posting, blogger Steve Spalding provides what he terms an "enlightening look at how a large corporation is using social media effectively" and provides his case for making blogger "testimonials" part of the marketing mix.

    Spalding states that SeaWorld did two smart things for the blogger contingent of its press event: "They did not obsess about controlling the message and they gave us tools. They shot video, took photographs and gave us access to the type of professional quality media that helps us tell better stories. They also let us shoot our own pictures and take our own video to use as we wished."

    The results: 100 tweets a day about SeaWorld, compared with five to 10 normally, delivered to 50,000 followers -- plus, based on just 50% of the contingent blogging about the event, another 250,000 eyeballs. Using social media as part of the marketing mix works, Spalding writes, "because the people you are empowering are just that, people. People who tweet, talk and type about what they like." Read the whole story...

  • Louis Vuitton Offers Online Exclusive Tote Bags BizReport

    Luxury accessory designer Louis Vuitton is offering its "Totally Monogram" line of tote bags ($870 to $1100) exclusively online until Monday, when it will be available in-store.

    The online exclusive, a first for the brand, has been promoted through a new Louis Vuitton Twitter account, directing followers to the relatively new website. Louis Vuitton had previously been sold online exclusively through, which is folding. Read the whole story...

  • Microsoft To Launch New Zune Later This Year Reuters

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  • Schools, Clinics Get Sanyo Air Scrubbers to Combat Flu Crain's New York Business

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