Friday, September 23, 2011
Karl Greenberg, September 23, 2011, 11:30 AM
  • Jagermeister Hires U.S. Agency The New York Times

    Jägermeister is hiring its first U.S.-market advertising agency in 25 or more years.

    Mast-Jägermeister in Germany and the Sidney Frank Importing Company in New Rochelle, NY, which distributes the liqueur in the U.S., tapped Los Angeles-based independent Mistress, which also handles ESPN, part of Walt Disney; Hot Wheels, sold by Mattel; and Red Bull. The effort breaks next year.

    The promotions for Jägermeister have been centered on "brand ambassadors" called Jägerettes and Jäger Dudes. Mistress will serve as agency of record for Jägermeister. Sidney Frank Importing will continue to work with an agency named Hi-Res/Syzygy for digital advertising. Other initiatives are handled internally by the importing company. Read the whole story...

  • Rite Aid Expands Loyalty Program Drug Store News

    Rite Aid increased sales and narrowed losses in second quarter 2012 as its Wellness+ loyalty card program continued to grow and its new Wellness store format saw continued expansion.

    The company reported sales of $6.3 billion, a 1.8% increase over second quarter 2011's $6.2 billion. Losses were $92.3 million, compared with $197 million in the same period last year.

    Next week, the chain plans to introduce Wellness+ Diabetes, collaboration with WebMD and the first Wellness+ program extension. The program will provide members with free lifestyle management tools and other resources. The Wellness store format has seen significant growth as well and now includes 40 stores in eight markets on the east and west coasts. The company has set aside $92 million for store remodels and plans to expand the format to 300 stores next year. Read the whole story...

  • Brands Go Long With Ad Creative Marketing Week

    Brands marketing in the UK are increasingly turning to long-copy ads to gain better traction with consumers, say industry experts.

    British Airways, Volkswagen, and London 2012 are using text-heavy ads in the press and outdoors. According to Mark Goodwin, creative director at advertising agency M&C Saatchi, the format is no longer considered old-fashioned because of its ability to engage.

    "There's been a reluctance to use long-copy over the years, as the perception from both clients and agencies has been that it's an old-fashioned technique," says Goodwin. "Brands want to try something different to engage consumers, especially young people. Long-copy feels like the radical solution to achieving this." Read the whole story...

  • Ford Dominates Domestic Revival The Detroit Bureau

    Ford, more than any of the Detroit makers, is dominating the domestic revival, writes Paul Eisenstein of The Detroit Bureau. The number two U.S. manufacturer captured four of the 15 popular lifestyle segment awards, more than any other brand in the IntelliChoice and AutoPacific Motorists Choice Awards.

    Its Lincoln brand adds a fifth and sixth trophy, its Navigator capturing the lead among premium-brand "people movers," while the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid was chosen the most Eco Friendly luxury model.

    Ford's Fusion Hybrid took a win as most eco-friendly, according to the 72,000 vehicle buyers surveyed for the sixth annual Motorist Choice Awards. Other multiple award winners included Toyota, whose Sienna minivan was named most kid-friendly among popular, or mainstream, models, while its Scion xD was picked as most cosmopolitan. The hip brand's tC also was chosen most youthful. On the premium side, the Lexus HS was named best value, and the marque's IS was chosen most youthful. Read the whole story...

  • Gas Station TV To Expand Nationally Convenience Store News

    Gas Station TV (GSTV), the nation's largest away-from-home television network at fuel pumps, has formed an exclusive, long-term agreement with Wayne, a General Electric business and global innovator of fuel dispensers and technologies.

    Wayne will make a substantial investment in GSTV in order to deploy inOvationTV, the companies' new co-developed media platform, at gas stations nationwide.

    The new platform will broadcast GSTV's exclusive content experience. Programming includes ESPN, business and personal finance news from Bloomberg TV, local weather from AccuWeather and GSTV's original social media television show, "Your Neighborhood." Read the whole story...

  • Are We Lazy Or Do We Just Hate 'Ferners'? Bnet

    Bnet columnist Jim Edwards points out Americans will not be bothered to do anything that requires them to, like, read.

    That means they won't see movies where they have to read sub-titles because that would require us to read, and that's not what you bought that movie ticket for. Thus lots of great foreign movies MUST be remade to be American, with American stars we know and love, and a god-awful script and phoned-in acting.

    Take the new full-length movie trailer for the American version of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo." Edwards (Eds note: who hails from Liverpool) notes that they couldn't even be bothered to make the trailer different. He says the trailer "shows the ludicrous lengths that Hollywood goes to in order to spoon-feed lazy American movie goers."

    The trailer, he says, is a shot-by-shot, line-by-line remake of the original Swedish film, using actors (Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara) who were chosen because of their resemblance to the Swedish leads (Michael Nyquist, Noomi Rapace). "For some reason, all good foreign movies must now be made twice -- once in their countries of origin and then painstakingly copied for the massive U.S. market. It's almost as Hollywood has some sort of full employment act for American directors," writes Edwards. Read the whole story...