Monday, November 19, 2007
  • Tameka Kee, November 19, 2007, 12:45 PM
  • Choosing Between In-house And Outsourced Paid Search Rkg blog

    George Michie of the Rimm-Kaufman Group serves up a roadmap for companies struggling with the choice of whether to handle PPC campaigns in-house, or hire an outside firm.

    Businesses that are spending at least $20,000 per month are good candidates for outsourcing, as are companies that lack the in-house manpower or expertise to handle the tens of thousands of keywords such spending can entail.

    Meanwhile, Michie also notes the distinction between having an in-house team that works with free ad management and analytics, or a division that subscribes to third party SEM tools.

    One ...Read the whole story...

  • Northern Light Upgrades Business Search With 'Meaning Extraction' Bill Hartzer

    The innovation continues in the vertical search space, this time, with Cambridge-based Northern Light and its "meaning extraction" feature. The strategic research and search technology firm has integrated the new capability into its business search engine, directing users to the documents that are best suited to the meaning of their query -- not just the results that are most algorithmically relevant.

    According to Bill Hartzer, the meaning extraction technology determines what info is in the documents (be they white papers, trade journal articles, etc.), then determines which business issues they address, even going so far as to assess ...Read the whole story...

  • The Trouble With Canceling An AdWords Account TopRank Online Marketing

    What happens when an AdWords account is created in error, or needs to be canceled for some other odd reason? According to an email response Lee Odden received from Google: "you are not getting the option to cancel your account."

    Apparently, because no billing info had been submitted with the account (it was a test account set up by a former staff member), it wasn't activated -- so technically he couldn't cancel it. That didn't stop a different division of Google from sending a follow-up letter to be sure that he really wanted the account canceled, and advising ...Read the whole story...

  • We Know Paid Links Get the Smackdown, But What About Reciprocal Links? Ask Enquiro

    Webmasters still feeling the sting of Google's paid link PageRank smackdown may be wary of any link-building, sharing or juice-passing schemes, but one brave Ask Enquiro reader posed the question of whether reciprocal links were still OK, or rather, if they had "more weight than paid links?"

    Jody Nimetz admits that this is a difficult question to answer, noting that while the focus was on paid links at the moment, a site with too many reciprocal links could still be penalized. When link building, "the goal should be to seek one way links, as these carry the most ...Read the whole story...

  • Making 'About Us' Be More About Them ISEdb

    If a user is prowling through the "About Us" page on a site, chances are that they're closer to a conversion than a typical browser -- as according to Stoney deGuyter, "they are showing a bit more than a casual interest ... and are looking for additional signs of trust."

    So how does a site owner foster that trust and push them further along the purchase pathway? DeGuyter offers five tips for tweaking the "About Us" page so that it gives consumers the right kind of conversion-friendly info.

    From company description, to team biographies and mission ...Read the whole story...