Wednesday, November 21, 2007
  • Tameka Kee, November 21, 2007, 4:15 PM
  • Got A Cheap Quote From An SEO Firm? You May Want To Keep Searching DM News

    Price point choices have been ingrained in the practice of search marketing from its onset. Marketers choose how much they're willing to pay for a specific keyword, then close their eyes and bid, (hoping!) that their price point beats their competitor's (and is still a bit cheaper than they'd planned).

    But scoring the lowest price when it comes to choosing a search firm may actually be a bad thing. According to Did-It's Dave Pasternack, search companies that seem to be low-balling their competitors may be desperate for business and ultimately do marketers more harm than good. Pasternack argues ...Read the whole story...

  • Tips For Hiring A Search Pro Web Worker Daily

    Search pro and soon-to-be author of "Search Engine Optimization" Randy Zlobec gave WebWorkerDaily his criteria for choosing a search consultant.

    While his set of five tips includes asking questions to figure out how long they've been in the business and how many repeat clients they've had, Zlobec adds that asking for references and examples of successful campaigns (keywords and optimized sites, anyone?) are important as well. He also notes that clients shouldn't expect a trial run or pilot project, as "it's all or nothing when it comes to SEM."Read the whole story...

  • 6 Ways To Tweak The 'Contact Us' Page SearchEngineGuide

    Pole Position Marketing's Stoney deGuyter follows up yesterday's post on tweaking a site's "About Us" page with these ssix tips for improving the "Contact Us" section.

    According to deGuyter, the "Contact Us" page could be considered the "absolutely most important" page on a site because of its critical spot along the purchase pathway. If consumers can't contact you with a question via IM, e-mail or phone, then it completely halts the shopping process. And even if your conversion metric is lead-generated, sometimes just knowing that there's a human available behind the Web site can nudge users into providing ...Read the whole story...