Monday, November 26, 2007
  • Tameka Kee, November 26, 2007, 2:30 PM
  • For Mobile SEO, Bango Falls Flat Natural Search and Mobile SEO

    Bryson Meunier has a problem with tools that are supposed to make the mobile SEO process easier, but are backed by a methodology that actually decreases the mobile content's visibility with the engines and degrades the user experience.

    Case in point: UK-based Bango. The service is designed to help Web publishers promote and deliver their content to mobile users via a simple graphic called the Bango button. Webmasters can submit specific graphics or entire pages from their site to Bango, and the service crafts a temporary WAP version of it. Mobile users click the Bango button and get ...Read the whole story...

  • There's Still Room To Beat Google In Vertical Search Search Marketing Gurus

    Why hasn't Google dominated product search like Shopzilla, or map-based search like MapQuest?

    According to Y.M. Ousley it's simple: Choosing to focus the bulk of its resources on core search has left the search giant in a slightly weaker position when it comes to other verticals. So while Google may make advancements with travel search, engines like SideStep or Kayak that can provide pricing and seat info will win out every time.

    It's in these vertical areas that the "other" search engines can maintain (or attain) the top spot for search volume and user preference - ...Read the whole story...

  • Mapping Service Gets Into SEM With Localized Keywords Kelsey Group Blog

    San Francisco-based Urban Mapping recently announced a partnership with another online map tech provider called Placebase, strengthening its offering of services that, according to Mike Boland, are already used by "most top tier search engines and mapping providers."

    Urban Mapping's offerings help map and search providers index conversational location modifiers like "the village" (for Greenwich Village) or "southie" (for South Boston) more accurately, and give searchers better results when they use those terms.

    But the company is not content to provide services just to the engines, as Boland found that Urban Mapping is poised to enter ...Read the whole story...

  • The View From SMX London Marketing Pilgrim

    Gareth Davies packs a wealth of insight from the "Understanding Searcher Needs and Intent" panel at last week's SMX London. Chaired by Gord Hotchkiss, the panel also included Jonty Kelt of DoubleClick, Sara Andresson from Global Strategies International and Tom Ally of ASK -- and each provided their take on the psychological and tactile needs of searchers.

    For example, Hotchkiss' presentation focused on the fact that consumers (or researchers) only have a limited number of "slots" in their head for a specific product or category, and often those slots are pre-filled with products that have somehow established brand ...Read the whole story...

  • The Big Four: Who's Best At Specific Kinds Of Searches? SEO Space

    According to comScore's latest qSearch data report, Google (surprise!) gained the most ground in terms of market share and number of search queries. But in an informal poll, the SEO Space team asked searchers which of the Big Four (Google, Yahoo, ASK and Live Search) they liked best for specific variations on core search. Surprisingly, ASK took the top spot in over half of the categories, while Google ranked best for only one.

    Yahoo came out on top in terms of general product search, a likely nod to the depth of the Web giant's shopping results, as well ...Read the whole story...