Tuesday, November 27, 2007
  • Tameka Kee, November 27, 2007, 1:18 PM
  • Site Statistics: Active Vs. Passive Performancing

    It's not hard for Webmasters to get bogged down with the daily perusal of site statistics, but according to Ryan Caldwell, focusing on "active" statistics as opposed to "passive" ones can save time and trouble.

    Caldwell advocates monitoring your site's referral logs -- as knowing which blogs, forums and sites deliver the bulk of your traffic will shed light on which of your marketing efforts (from blog and discussion group commenting, to contextual ads) are having the greatest impact.

    He also notes that using programs like pMetrics to monitor site traffic in real time can reveal ...Read the whole story...

  • The 'Top' 12 Metasearch Engines In Review SEO Scoop

    Metasearch engines have been around since the days of Webcrawler and AltaVista, but they haven't gained half as much traction as the core search engines. They barely (ever?) rank in comScore, Hitwise or Nielsen Online results, and aren't often the focus of a Webmaster's attention when it comes to SEO. But these engines still exist because their premise of saving searchers time by returning blended results and stripping out the duplicates is excellent.

    "DazzlinDonna" Fontenot's review of a dozen metasearch engines contains a screenshot and snippets of info from the "About" page of each one -- as well ...Read the whole story...

  • Google Coupons Get More Personal Understanding Google Maps & Yahoo Local Search

    The stealthy local-coupons feature in Google Maps has gotten an upgrade. Mike Blumenthal reports that although it's still quite hard for users to find coupons during a routine local search (and just as difficult for business owners to submit them) those that do, now have the option to integrate coupons into their main search results.

    Google Coupons is now part of the Google Co-op, a service that lets users and businesses customize, share and improve search info. If users sign up for the feature as a Subscribed Link, coupons from local businesses will show up above both the ...Read the whole story...

  • Tips For Better PPA AdWords Campaign PPC Hero

    Google launched a pay-per-action model for AdWords in March, but according to John Lee, the topic dropped off the industry radar after the initial buzz. While conversion-based pricing may be an excellent way to drive sales and supplement a client's existing PPC campaign, Lee notes that the lack of discussion in the blogosphere has made it tough to figure out how to fully leverage PPA.

    Lee's five tips for effective PPA campaign management stem from info from Google's help center and AdWords representatives, as well as his work over the past few months at Hanapin Marketing.

    ...Read the whole story...

  • Would it Be Evil? 5 Ways Google Could Monetize Organic Search Optimize and Prophesize

    If roughly 70% (as reported by Google and other sources) of the clicks on Google's SERPs are on organic links, is it crazy to think that the search giant would seek to monetize those listings in some way? Not according to Jonathan Mendez.

    Though Google has kept a very strict wall between the two, observers could argue that AdWords technically subsidizes organic search. Mendez suggests that the giant could go farther by operating a paid inclusion model (either for just being indexed, for showing up in the results, or both).

    He also notes that Google could make ...Read the whole story...