Wednesday, November 28, 2007
  • Tameka Kee, November 28, 2007, 12:30 PM
  • An SEO Roadmap For Launching A New Site Search Engine Watch

    According to Mark Jackson, setting realistic goals and expectations should be the first step in crafting an SEO strategy for a new Web site. This means understanding (or getting a client to understand) that it takes time to craft quality content and time for that content to earn the search engines' trust.

    Jackson notes that keyword research should be the first step in the content creation process. After figuring out which words are most relevant, then the process of organizing the Web site around them can begin. He adds that there's a wealth of free or low-cost keyword ...Read the whole story...

  • Are You Ready For Search 3.0? Search Engine Land

    Now that all four of the major search engines incorporate multimedia (or multi-vertical) content into their organic results, Danny Sullivan has deemed this new era of blended search, "Search 3.0" -- noting that it represents a time of great opportunity for the industry, and giving a detailed, illustrated account of how we made it this far.

    So what was Search 1.0? It was searches by Lycos and Webcrawler, with ranking algorithms that focused primarily on the location and frequency of the words on each page. Users were able to find info on the rapidly expanding Web more ...Read the whole story...

  • What's In Your Search Snippet? WebProNews

    A search snippet is the window of info that searchers see about a site in the SERP listings, from the title and URL string, to sitelinks (if you're lucky), or the exact location on Google Maps.

    Google's Matt Cutts recently posted a video detailing how much control Webmasters actually have over the info that appears in their search snippets, and Jason Lee Miller outlines the highlights with this post.

    The first piece of info is the title. Using Cutts' example of Starbucks, Miller points out that the coffee chain could have chosen to use "Starbucks Coffee" ...Read the whole story...

  • Press Release SEO Tips Hot Off The Newswire Top Rank

    Submitting a release to one of the top four newswire services isn't enough to gain Web traction for a new product or service anymore -- it's about getting online news services like Yahoo, Google and CNN to pick up the release, and helping bloggers and journalists "discover" it in the process.

    Lee Odden notes that SEO is key for getting these releases into the hands of the right people, and snags press release optimization tips from experts at each of the big four newswires.

    Sarah Skerik of PR Newswire advocates writing a pithy, descriptive headline that ...Read the whole story...

  • Deconstructing SEO Spam Search Engine Guide

    "Dear Website Owner: If I could get you five times the RELEVANT traffic at a substantially reduced cost, would you be interested?"

    It's a classic salutation from a search firm trying to snag business -- but it's also a tell-tale sign of SEO spam. Todd Mintz deconstructs his latest piece of unsolicited email in this article, taking shots at supposedly reputable SEO firms who blast poorly-targeted, misleading messages at Web site owners.

    The company didn't use his name, clearly had no clue that the site they were referencing was for personal use (with no marketing or e-commerce ...Read the whole story...