Thursday, November 29, 2007
  • Tameka Kee, November 29, 2007, 1:45 PM
  • Pros And Cons Of Dynamic Keyword Insertion Traffick

    Google introduced dynamic keyword insertion tools for AdWords at least four years ago, but many search marketers have chosen not to use them. For some it's out of confusion, for others it's out of fear of wrecking an effective campaign.

    Andrew Goodman thinks that some of the fears are warranted -- after all, misuse of a feature that allows marketers to dynamically insert any keyword they're bidding on into the ad text (from headline and body copy, to URL) can cause a host of costly clicks.

    Goodman outlines the pros and cons of using dynamic keywords for ...Read the whole story...

  • Is Your Client Committed To Your SEO Efforts? Small Business SEM

    Fulfilling client expectations and maintaining an amicable relationship is vital to the success of any search pro -- whether she's part of a search firm, a digital agency or a solo consultant. But having a client who's fully committed to her search marketing efforts goes a long way toward fostering that success. Matt McGee outlines the qualities that make up a "committed SEO client," and some signs that a commitment-based problem may be brewing.

    McGee notes that it's often easier to work with sole proprietors, as they understand the determination and perseverance it takes to get even minor ...Read the whole story...

  • Link-Building Tips For Locals Search Marketing Gurus

    At the heart of Li Evans' quick write-up of the link building session at SES Local is the idea of "win-win" -- that is, creating a situation where local businesses want to link to your site because they're getting something in return.

    Not to be confused with reciprocal linking, Sage Rock's Sage Lewis urged site owners to find creative ways to generate goodwill (and good links) within their community.

    "Be creative," and donate to local charities or sponsor a youth sports team, said LinkWorth's Matt Stoddart. Then requesting links from their sites won't seem so random. ...Read the whole story...

  • Have You Voted For Alt Search Engine Of The Year? Pandia

    Alt Search Engines has compiled its list of the top 10 alternatives to the Big Four for 2007, and is asking readers to vote on which one should receive the title of "Search Engine of the Year." Pandia summarizes the choices and provides a link to the voting page.

    Finalists include social-oriented engines like Omgili, which indexes content from discussion forums, and AfterVote, which is a metasearch engine that also ranks results according to user votes.

    A look at the comments stream from the original Alt Search Engines post shows that Onkosh and Exalead have emerged ...Read the whole story...

  • News Sites Push For More Robots.txt Control The Associated Press

    Most Webmasters learn about the functionality of the robots.txt file very quickly, since incorrect use of the protocol can make it impossible for the search engines to crawl and index the site. But there is no trade organization backing use of the Robots Exclusion Protocol -- so technically, it's not really a standard, just a format that the engines and the site owners have agreed upon. Until now.

    A global group of publishers is rallying behind a set of extensions to the robots.txt protocol called Automated Content Access Protocol (ACAP). Comprised mainly of publishers and news organizations like ...Read the whole story...