Monday, January 21, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, January 21, 2008, 11:15 AM
  • Maximizing Your Content For SEO TopRank

    Lee Odden serves up a set of content management strategies that go beyond the basics of SEO, including the need to develop a content promotion plan. By planning content ahead of time (much like magazines do with their editorial calendars) you give the search marketing team time to brainstorm ways to promote those articles, videos and blog posts via social networks, deals with other Web sites in your niche, and possibly even paid search campaigns.

    Using social media effectively is also key--but so is understanding how each channel works, be it a widget, a Twitter or Facebook account, ...Read the whole story...

  • Still More AdSense Referral Program Changes Search Engine Journal

    Google has made another change to the AdSense referral program--this time, tied to the location of a new client. Now, publishers can receive referral credits regardless of where they're located--provided the new AdSense clients they refer come from North America, Latin America or Japan. Referrals that come from any other country will not be rewarded--and yes, this includes the U.K.

    The giant also decreased the referral credit for getting users to pick up Google Pack and Firefox from $2 to $1. The modifications were framed as part of the continual evaluation process of the referral programs to ensure ...Read the whole story...

  • Dissecting 'Generation Google' Marketing Pilgrim

    Some sociologists are dubbing kids born after 1993 "Generation Google"--since they've practically been exposed to the Web from birth, they're supposed to excel at seeking out information online. But according to a study by the British Library and the Joint Information Systems Committee, they're actually not much better at searching than their older (Millennials, Gen-Y, Gen-X, etc.) counterparts.

    The study found that while Generation Google is "the cut and paste generation" that is "more competent with technology," and is "turning away from being passive consumers of information"-its members are not "expert searchers."

    They do not "pick ...Read the whole story...

  • Pinpointing The Source(s) Of A Sudden Drop In SERP Rankings ISEdb

    So your client's site, which ranked in the top three for a group of particular keywords, has now dropped to the bottom of the second page of results. What gives? While there are a potential plethora of reasons for such a drop, sometimes pinpointing the specific causes can be difficult, so Ross Dunn offers a detailed plan for diagnosing the problem.

    Dunn says to start with retracing your steps for the past three weeks in actions like site updates, design changes and switching hosting providers. Any one of these tweaks could have caused the site to experience ...Read the whole story...

  • Six Reasons Why Social Media Hounds Will Ignore Your Site Search Marketing Gurus

    Social media optimization (SMO) has become a must-do for Webmasters who want to build up links and snag more traffic--but in the quest to create linkbait, some site owners are doing things that actually drive visitors away. Li Evans lists six reasons why Stumblers, Diggers and other social media darlings will ignore your site, starting with the battle between ads and content.

    Be careful about drawing users in to a landing page that's too ad-heavy--and try not to make them scroll below the fold to get to the content. Your linkbait (i.e. the article title, blog post ...Read the whole story...