Wednesday, January 23, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, January 23, 2008, 1:15 PM
  • Designing Your Site For Lowest-Common-Denominator Accessibility E-Marketing Performance

    Site owners have an obligation to ensure that their Web site is accessible to Internet users with disabilities, and the increased use of the mobile Web makes that lowest-common-denominator access doubly important. Stoney deGeyter lists some features that you should check to make sure that all users can get to the info on your site, starting with the doctype declaration.

    Browsers use the doctype info to identify which version of HTML your site is coded in, so each page should specify this information. If you use Cascading style sheets (CSS) to give your site a uniform look and ...Read the whole story...

  • Deconstructing Google's New Local OneBox Understanding Google Maps & Yahoo Local Search

    In the past few days, numerous bloggers have posted about some major changes to the way Google includes local and map results in the SERPs--and while the giant is constantly tweaking the organic listings, the changes to the OneBox info seem to be sticking.

    Local listings can now take up to 10 spots in the OneBox--which formerly held data for just one business, including its position on the map, a URL and address and telephone info--hence the name, OneBox. It expanded to three listings last year, and now with 10 listings, the area of coverage by the ...Read the whole story...

  • Google European Exec Jumps Ship For Ask WhatPC?

    Cesar Mascaraque, Google's head of strategic partnerships and business development for southern Europe, is packing his bags and heading for Ask. As of Feb. 4, Mascaraque will lead Ask's entire European division as managing director, replacing Myles Runham, who is leaving the company.

    In a statement, Mascaraque said that it was an exciting time to join the fastest growing search engine, and that he was looking forward to working with all of Ask's international teams. "I have watched the brand set itself apart by pioneering new products and offering innovative ways of bringing search to users," he said.Read the whole story...

  • Think Like a Searcher To Increase Organic CTRs Hamlet Batista

    Most on-page optimization tactics focus on things like keyword density to boost SERP rankings, but Hamlet Batista says that increasing organic CTRs starts with optimizing for your searchers, not the engines, first.

    "It is possible for sites ranking slightly lower to get more clicks than the ones at the top," Batista says, and it starts with writing page titles and descriptions that will draw searchers in. Instead of plugging page titles with every keyword possible, think of writing them as you would the tagline for a paid search ad--brief, persuasive and focused. Use the anchor text to alert the ...Read the whole story...

  • Bulk-Upload Info Into AdCenter With Minimal Frustration PPC Hero

    Microsoft has steadily been upgrading adCenter to make the platform easier to use and more compatible with Google and Yahoo's search marketing interfaces, but there are still some kinks to work out--particularly with bulk uploading, as Hanapin Marketing's Joe illustrates.

    When trying to upload numerous changes to your account or import campaigns from the other search engines, make sure to use the template MSN provides and that your columns are in order. Too many or too few columns and the upload won't work.

    Forget about using the import feature for uploading negative keywords. In Joe's experience, ...Read the whole story...