Thursday, January 24, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, January 24, 2008, 1:15 PM
  • Seasonality, News And Search Volume Fluctuations Marketing Pilgrim

    Are you helping your clients understand how seasonality and factors like breaking news are affecting the amount of site traffic they're receiving? Janet Driscoll Miller offers a quick brush-up on how using tools like Yahoo Buzz and Google Trends can be a great way to illustrate the correlation between news stories and search volume.

    Monday was the MLK holiday, so naturally, searches for "Martin Luther King" spiked, but just two days later "Heath Ledger" took the lion's share of searches, after news of the actor's death hit the wires. If your client had blog posts or other content ...Read the whole story...

  • Twingly: The Eurocentric Blog Search Engine TechCrunch

    Twingly is a soon-to-be-launched Eurocentric blog search engine, and while Michael Arrington notes just how hard it may be to break into the U.S. blog search market, the new service has some features that may help separate it from the pack.

    While Google has stepped up its blog indexing service, often visiting the same blog multiple times as new content gets produced, the engine casts such a wide net that the quality of the results varies greatly. The same goes for Technocrati, which is by far the most popular blog search engine in terms of unique visitors, according to ...Read the whole story...

  • The Case For A Balanced Link-Building Campaign Link Building Best Practices

    The Vertical Measures team is serious about the practice of link building--so much so, that they've devoted an entire blog to it. This post focuses on developing a balanced link-building campaign, which includes targeting directories with real editors (people that ensure the content stays updated), as well as forums, which the team calls "the virtual water cooler." It's also important to find a few partners for reciprocal links, and to use social media for contextual links from blogs and reviews.

    But a balanced link building campaign isn't just about variety, it's about consistently being a source of fresh, ...Read the whole story...

  • Relax, Google's Far From Down And Out StraightUpSearch

    So Google's stock tumbled by 160 points this week, after Nielsen's latest search share report showed that the giant's chokehold on the market loosened from 57% to 56% in December. Yikes! The sky is falling! Team Google must be too focused on building an online/offline marketing dashboard, growing YouTube and saving the planet from global warming--and they're forgetting about the core search property, right? Not quite.

    Andrew at OneUpWeb posted Nielsen search share data for the past six months and found that Google's chokehold actually grew tighter in the long run, as the giant gained 3% of market ...Read the whole story...

  • Search Firms: Own Up To Your Industry-Crippling Ways Seer Interactive

    That's right, he said it. Wil Reynolds argues that search firms (and the search pros that work in them) are diminishing their own value in the industry, and driving more companies to develop search in-house.

    While it may be logical for a brand to cultivate a search-savvy marketing squad, complete with a few in-house pros, Reynolds says that most companies don't need their own full time search staff. But because there are quite a few search firms that engage in shady tactics and deliver poor customer service, companies are wary of calling in yet another "snake oil seller" ...Read the whole story...