Monday, January 28, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, January 28, 2008, 1:15 PM
  • Matt Cutts Dishes Out Some (Possibly) PageRank-Boosting Advice SEO Scoop

    So your site was one of the PageRank casualties resulting from Google's recent paid links smack down--and now you want your traffic back. You agreed to play by the giant's rules and got rid of all paid links (possibly severely reducing your alternative cash flow) in the hopes of getting re-included in the main index, and filed a reconsideration request. That was more than a month ago--and no change. What gives?

    According to Matt Cutts, you might want to make sure that you've found every paid link or post and "no-followed" it, as well as removed any language ...Read the whole story...

  • Manage Huge Campaigns? Ad Groups May Not Be Best Bet Rimm-Kaufman Blog

    George Michie advocates using ad groups when managing content network campaigns, but when it comes to plain old paid search, he says that running huge campaigns using ad groups may actually be a barrier to success.

    One keyword can have multiple attributes, from customer targets, to SKUs, to holiday usage--and forcing it into an ad group based on one particular category can limit its flexibility. This is why the search team at The Rimm-Kaufman Group places keywords into ad groups only if they share all of the same attributes, not just one or two, as the PPC management platforms ...Read the whole story...

  • Google Plays Politics With Election-Facing CPC Bids SEM Geek

    The gloves are off when it comes to advertising for the upcoming elections, and while the debate is still on about how much the candidates will spend on Web ads, Google is already banking on snagging megabucks for paid search.

    With $10 minimum bids for state-targeted, generic phrases like "2008 elections" and "2008 senator election"--one can only imagine how expensive national-facing phrases like "presidential primaries" or "presidential election" are. The problem is that the giant's predictive tools can't even offer up a preliminary guess for how much traffic such terms may generate.

    Greg Meyer has some ...Read the whole story...

  • Does Landing Page Copy Really Matter? Search Marketing Standard

    Not as much as you might think it does, according to Kevin Gold. His theory is that for particular kinds of purchases and emotionally charged offers, the initial ad copy can be compelling enough to cause customers to "plow into a landing page with tunnel-vision seeking only to take the offer." Using two examples, Gold aims to illustrate that searchers often don't pay attention to the images, calls-to-action and other carefully chosen landing page elements after clicking on an ad.

    In one instance, the company was featured on the popular TV series "Extreme Home Makeover," and sought to ...Read the whole story...

  • Universal Search: The On-Ramp For Small Business Video Kelsey Group Blog

    Now that all of the major IYP providers have rolled out some form of video product, small and medium businesses (SMBs) have a plethora of options when it comes to reaching the masses with online video. But Mike Boland notes that for the tech-savvy SMB owners who want to go it alone, blended search has made it much easier to maximize the benefits of online video content.

    SMB owners can create how-to videos, produce their own commercials, or even shine a spotlight on some of their favorite customers--and if the video is optimized properly, they can wind up ...Read the whole story...