Monday, February 18, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, February 18, 2008, 1:15 PM
  • Average Search Query Up To Four Words WebProNews

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  • Conversion Tips A La The Yahoo Search Marketing Team Yahoo Search Marketing Blog

    Amy Borowicz dishes up a ten-spot of conversion-boosting tips for your landing page--including the standard fare of keeping it simple and communicating a clear value proposition. But Borowicz also talks about page design, dubbing site flow disruption as the primary threat to sales, sign-ups or other desired actions.

    Make sure to group product info--including images and incentives (like free shipping or extended warranty info)--and place it high on the page so users don't have to go searching for it. Borowicz says that you should also make the site search box as visible and easy to use as possible.Read the whole story...

  • Still More Search-Unfriendly Design Sins Blogstorm

    Think you know all of the SEO-sabotaging Web site design features to avoid? Patrick Altoft says you might want to think again, as he lists more SEO sins (caught in the wild, with screenshots) that could be hurting your rankings.

    First up is including html in a page's title tag. Wanting the title to be bold or italicized or in ALL CAPS is one thing--including other tags accidentally is another. Altoft adds that you should also make sure that your redirects (temporary or permanent) don't ultimately send users to a 404 not-found page or some other, unfathomable error. ...Read the whole story...

  • Using Flickr To Help Build Links Small Business SEM

    Matt McGee is an avid amateur photographer--and he's managed to turn his passion for snapping flicks into a supplemental link-building strategy via Flickr.

    By taking shots of random objects like refrigerator magnets, spare change and a Barnes & Noble entrance, he's managed to snag links from high ranking, authoritative Web properties such as the Discovery Channel, Wired and The Consumerist.

    Allowing others to use your Flickr image as long as they provide proper credit (usually in the form of a link to the image itself or your homepage) is a great way to drive additional traffic to ...Read the whole story...