Wednesday, February 27, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, February 27, 2008, 12:45 PM
  • The Rundown On Google AdWords Conversion Optimizer

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  • Yelp Gets Cash Injection Worth $15 Million TechCrunch

    Local review aggregator Yelp has snagged some $15 million in its fourth round of financing--for a total of $31 million since its founding in the summer of 2004. The San Francisco-based company has said that it will use the money to expand the service geographically, beef up the sales team, and open an office in New York City.

    The company shared internal Google Analytics stats with TechCrunch, including the 2.3 million reviews and 8.3 million monthly uniques--which blogger Henry Work found impressive. "Yelp is in a competitive space with Citysearch's Insider Pages and Yellowbot. The real competition, though, ...Read the whole story...

  • Yahoo Flourishes Under Takeover Pressure Search Engine Land

    Talk about courage under fire. Greg Sterling notes that in the past few weeks since Microsoft's semi-hostile takeover bid, Yahoo has debuted seven new (or formerly incubated) initiatives, including Apex (a unified advertising platform), an open-source infrastructure for its search index, and the acquisition of Maven Networks. And let's not forget that the Web giant seriously trimmed some fat by laying off 1,000 employees.

    As CEO Jerry Yang said, Microsoft's unwanted bid has been a "galvanizing event for everyone at Yahoo." The company still faces major hurdles--including various shareholder lawsuits for refusing the deal, the threat of a ...Read the whole story...

  • Negative Branded Sites: A Slippery Slope SEM Report Card

    Consumers and consumer advocacy groups can create a Web site using a manufacturer's name or other branded term as part of the domain, even if it's to publish negative or positive reviews about the company or its products--as that has been legally deemed fair use on multiple occasions. But Tom Crandall questions whether it's still fair use if those sites are generating revenue from Google ads at the same time.

    "How can this be considered non-commercial when the unauthorized party is leveraging the IP assets of another entity, in a disparaging way, to generate revenue? There's a lot ...Read the whole story...

  • Yahoo: Moving Toward Comprehensive Site Analysis SEO by the Sea

    Understanding that the search engines' spiders crawl a site page-by-page, and rank each page's content individually, is one of basic tenets of SEO. Bill Slawski says that the next phase may be about site-wide analysis and assessment, as evidenced by a patent Yahoo recently released a paper for (but actually filed for in mid-2006).

    With site-wide analysis, Yahoo's algorithm could consider factors like the keywords and meta data, in- and outbound links, as well as each page's topic and the way it's presented--all in aggregate, and all to develop a more accurate, comprehensive hierarchy.

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  • People Search Gets Spooky With Spokeo Pandia Search News

    Spokeo is the latest social search info aggregator/people search service--a new offering that the Pandia team has dubbed "the Big Brother of social networking" because of how thorough the engine is. Once a user submits the username and password from one of her e-mail accounts (from AOL, Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo) Spokeo gets to work digging up all sorts of publicly available info about her contacts.

    Available resources include movie rating sites like Flixter, Pandora playlists and favorites, photos from Flickr, Twitter posts, StumbleUpon reviews, even Amazon wish lists--and the list goes on and on. And since ...Read the whole story...