Friday, February 29, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, February 29, 2008, 1:15 PM
  • One More Reason Why Google's Down But Not Out Silicon Alley Insider

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  • SMX West Day Three: The Keynote Summary

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  • RSS Promotion Tips SiteProNews

    RSS feeds are only as good as the number of subscribers they have, so to gain more exposure for your pre-packaged bits of content, Andy MacDonald suggests registering with as many feed directories (and blog directories, if applicable) as possible.

    Make sure you include a link to your feed on your Web site, preferably with the universally known orange RSS button, and write up a short description so that users know exactly what content they're getting with the feed. Enabling auto-discovery of your feed can also go a long way toward increasing subscriptions.

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  • Tracking Search-Driven Phone Orders Shimon Sandler

    Shimon Sandler offers some tips for linking phone orders to search campaigns, ranging from simple (using a pay-per-call provider) to more involved (setting up a database of unique promo codes tied to specific keywords).

    You can create a unique landing page for each product that features a different phone number for each of the engines, or add a promo/reference code to each product page and train your phone sales reps to ask for and record this code for every order.

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  • Google Gadgets In Organic Search Results SEOish

    The latest media type to get included on a Google SERP via Universal Search are widgets (or Gadgets, as the giant calls them)--and Patrick Sexton illustrates how Gadgets in search results look and feel.

    The first example is a Gadget that shows the three latest posts from Search Engine Land, and Sexton explains the rationale that goes into creating that kind of widget--including how to brand it but not make it appear too dissimilar from the links around it.

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  • The Makings Of A Yahoo/Yelp Love Connection Small Business SEM

    In the midst of SMX West excitement and Yahoo's announcement that it was opening parts of its search platform to developers, Matt McGee noticed that the Web giant gave local search and review service Yelp major exposure on its official blog post about Open Search.

    "People/webmasters everywhere read the Yahoo search blog, right? And that listing looks nice--it shows off the great content Yelp offers about this one local business," McGee says. "So, how'd they land that gig as the poster child of Yahoo's new Open Search platform?"

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  • Google's Automatic Matching: The Real Story? StraightUpSearch

    This week Google invited a select group of AdWords advertisers to participate in beta testing of a feature called Automatic Matching, which takes campaign budget surplus and uses it to serve ads for queries that the marketer may have missed out on. The giant will crawl each advertiser's Web site for keywords and analyze their overall campaigns to find new, relevant queries "that our system has determined will benefit you and likely lead to a conversion on your site," said the official notice.

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