Tuesday, March 18, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, March 18, 2008, 1:30 PM
  • The Top Search-Oriented Facebook Apps Search Engine Journal

    Arnold Jasra reviews the top search-oriented Facebook applications--noting that they're less Web search-focused and more geared toward how to find your friends. Still, as Facebook evolves into a whole Web experience, "There's a slew of other useful applications which are no longer limited to friend finding," Jasra says.

    The top search-oriented app in terms of active users is "Advanced Search," which lets members sift through profiles based on criteria like college, work location, age, gender or relationship status, and includes large profile pics to make sure the correct person is found.

    "U-Search-Tube" comes up second with over ...Read the whole story...

  • Is Search A Recession-Proof Profession? Search Engine Watch

    "Absolutely," says Josh Gampel, vice president of staffing services for Onward Search, which provides search and social media talent for Fortune 1000 companies and interactive agencies. "Direct marketing spending increased in previous recessions because it was the most trackable form of marketing," he says. "And search engine marketing is the most trackable form of marketing this time around. In fact, we expect SEM spending will double by 2011."

    Combine Gampel's statement with the widely accepted belief that hiring and retaining qualified search talent is difficult, and you can see why search pros--including more junior strategists--may be better sheltered ...Read the whole story...

  • Why You Should Run An AdWords Search Query Report PPC Hero

    According to Amber Benedict, there are two main reasons why you should run AdWords Search Query Reports--to gain insights on new keywords and negative keywords.

    "The search query report will give you a list of actual search queries that customers are typing in the search bar to trigger your ad," Benedict says. "It's good to know this information especially if you find some keywords that aren't currently in your account." These rogue queries were most likely triggered by your broad match keywords--and you can rank higher on, and more precisely target, these keywords if you incorporate them directly ...Read the whole story...

  • YAHOO + Click Forensics = Serious Stance On Click Fraud CNET News

    After years of standing on opposite sides of the click fraud fence, Yahoo and Click Forensics have partnered to help tackle the issue for Yahoo Search Marketing advertisers. As Elinor Mills notes, "There have been calls for an independent third party to oversee the business, but advertisers don't want to give up their server data to search engines and vice versa. The Yahoo-Click Forensics relationship seems like a step in that direction."

    While neither company has detailed exactly what click info they'll be sharing, both Tom Cuthbert, CEO of Click Forensics, and Reggie Davis, Yahoo's click quality czar, ...Read the whole story...

  • Search Firms: So Far, So Good When it Comes to Spending Silicon Alley Insider

    Six search firms -- SearchIgnite, Clickable, iCrossing, Covario, Range Online Media and IPG's Initiative -- held a conference call with Citibank analyst Mark Mahaney last week, to talk about advertiser spending and search trends in Q1. The goal was to help gauge what impact, if any, the economic downturn was having on the search industry. Henry Blodget says that it's a glass half- empty/half-full forecast.

    The firms generally agreed that search advertising trends remain strong. "Search volumes remain robust, and advertising clients continue to shift greater share of ad budgets to search," Blodget said. Still, the group "appeared ...Read the whole story...