Wednesday, March 19, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, March 19, 2008, 12:00 PM
  • Crafting A Local Keyword Strategy In The (Seeming) Absence of Searcher Demand SEO Igloo Blog

    Miriam Ellis solicits reader feedback with this post, which deals with how to develop a local keyword strategy for a product or service that seemingly has no search traction.

    "What do you do when you're building a website or doing SEO for a local business and your keyword research shows zero searches for what the service does or sells?" Ellis says. "This is a dilemma we struggle with and, in such cases, it's been our custom to optimize for whatever we discover to be popular broad searches plus the location, but at the end of doing this, it ...Read the whole story...

  • The Ins And Outs Of Multivariate Testing Conversation Marketing

    If you need to test multiple factors on a Web site, like the main page's title, body copy and product sample, then you need to run a multivariate test. Ian Lurie offers a thorough explanation of what multivariate testing is--complete with screenshots--and explains why it's important to test "every possible combination of the variables" available.

    "Multivariate testing lets me compare more than variables," Lurie says. "It lets me compare combinations of variables, quickly and efficiently, and then use some mathematical wizardry to find the best possible page configuration."

    The tests can help end disputes over which ...Read the whole story...

  • Convert Visitors Into Buyers, Direct Marketing Style AimClear

    Charlene Jaszewski recaps an in-depth panel on ramping up conversions at SES NYC, with insights and commentary from search pros including Future Now's COO Howard Kaplan and Mike Moran, a software engineer with experience at IBM.

    One key takeaway was that Webmasters need to apply "direct marketing methods" to their Web sites, according to Moran. Instead of just grading a site based on aesthetics and usability, asking questions like: What are the top-selling products, which items aren't selling so well, and what the competition is selling will do more to increase conversions. The direct marketer's eye would also ...Read the whole story...

  • Microsoft Launches The AdCenter Community adCenter Community

    AdCenter users have a new hub for product info, service updates and troubleshooting help, as well as sharing both positive and negative feedback on Microsoft's paid search platform--the adCenter Community.

    The software giant has expanded its adCenter blog to include upcoming product details (from adCenter Labs), as well as separate blogs for adCenter API and adCenter Analytics users. There's also a Q&A-style knowledge base, which allows community members to create profiles and help answer each other's questions.

    In addition, the new community offers forums and multimedia content--including how-to videos, industry interviews and podcasts.Read the whole story...

  • Still More Search Trends For '08 WebProNews

    The first quarter of '08 is almost out the door, but there's still time for postulation about where the search industry is headed this year. Manoj Jasra sat down with Jeffrey Pruitt, executive vice president of corporate partnerships at iCrossing, to get his take on the "search marketing trends and paradigm shifts" yet to come.

    First up is the convergence of search and display--which will cause a real shift in the way search firms operate. "The fastest growing inventory on the Web is non-premium display, which is driving the convergence between search and display," Pruitt said. "This is ...Read the whole story...