Thursday, March 20, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, March 20, 2008, 5:15 PM
  • Didn't Attend SES NYC? You're Not The Only One SEO Scoop

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  • Using Lowercase Filters In Google Analytics Google Analytics Blog

    Why would someone want to use lowercase filters in Google Analytics? "If duplicate entries of the same page are appearing in your reports, one that contains uppercase letters and one that does not, you probably should set your lowercase filter," says Caitlin Minteer.

    The giant's analytics suite sometimes tracks the same page multiple times if users can access it via or your reports. Lowercase filters can help alleviate that problem.

    Minteer walks you through the filter set-up process, with the one caveat being that it will only apply to data moving forward--so you'll still ...Read the whole story...

  • Search Queries Down In Feb.: Duh, It's a Shorter Month! WebProNews

    In February, query volume dropped by 5% or more across the Big Five search engines, according to comScore. But as David A. Utter notes, it probably should be attributed to fewer days in the month (even with a Leap Year Day) than January.

    Not surprisingly, the engines remained in their respective places when it came to market share, as Google gobbled up most of the (smaller) pie with almost 60% of all queries. Yahoo remained in second place, though it gave up a tiny bit of share to the giant--leading Utter to wonder if "Jerry Yang's claims of ...Read the whole story...

  • Effective Campaign Geo-Segmentation SEO Speedwagon

    Geo-segmentation (not just geo-targeting) is a must for paid search advertisers marketing products to different geographic regions, because it makes it easier to optimize multiple campaigns. Slicing your campaigns up by region not only allows you to better target the audience, but analyze them regionally when it comes to factors like cost per conversion and keyword productivity.

    Charles Nevery also notes that geo-segmenting your campaigns allows for more effective day-parting, as you can "make sure that your ads are showing at the appropriate time, by time zone, to target your prospective audience."Read the whole story...

  • Own Your Niche With PPC & SEO Slightly Shady SEO

    "If we control 1 top ranked PPC ad, and 1 top ranked search engine position, we can control the entire mood of the niche," says XCMP, the elusive search pro behind the Slightly Shady SEO blog. "We can give people their first impression of the products, and use both things to control their thought process."

    XCMP serves up two examples (one "white hat" and the other veering toward the shadier side) of how to combine paid search with a strong organic ranking to own a niche. We'll take the white hat example, which starts with a bit of ...Read the whole story...

  • Mefeedia: Extensive But Buggy Multimedia Search Read Write Web

    Despite some bugs in the interface, Marshall Kirkpatrick says that Mefeedia, the online video community that offers multimedia search, "is now a better media search engine than probably any other available." That's a tall claim, but Kirkpatrick backs it up by illustrating the various kinds of media that Mefeedia can sift through, including video from major video sharing sites like YouTube, Veoh and Metacafe, TV sites like Hulu, music from Imeem, podcasts and even SlideShare presentations.

    "Mefeedia isn't doing any fancy speech-to-text analysis or probably anything other than searching titles, description and tag fields - but that's ok," ...Read the whole story...