Friday, March 21, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, March 21, 2008, 3:45 PM
  • Web Site Failing To Perform? 10 Possible Reasons Why ISEdb

    Does your client's Web site lack a defined objective? Is the whole idea of a target audience a little muddy? Perhaps the homepage takes so long to load that there's no way to get searchers to stick around--let alone move further along the purchase pathway.

    While it seems like common sense to have answered these questions before a Web site gets built, Gary Klingsheim notes that sometimes business owners don't think about these things before launching a site. So the sooner you figure out why their Web site is failing to perform, the sooner you can figure out ...Read the whole story...

  • Gigablast: We're Better Than Google (And Ask, Too!) Search Engine Journal

    In a clearly self-promotional search "taste-test," Albuquerque, N.M.-based Gigablast found that 55% of users found the alternative search engine's results as good as or better than a Google search. So why did Loren Baker feel the need to give the survey results a write-up? It's about the quality of the results and their status as a true alternative core search contender. "I've been a longtime fan of Gigablast, and have always considered their algorithm as one of the majors that I track client rankings on," Baker says. "I'm excited to see more coming out of Gigablast."

    More than ...Read the whole story...

  • Making Search Results Palatable For Enterprise Clients Search Engine Journal

    Marketers use search because it's quantifiable, so the presentation of campaign results--be they in the form of analytics data, leads generated or actual sales--is key to client perception of the medium's ROI. Paul Jahn notes that the process of presenting search results to large (Fortune 500) companies is very different than presentations to smaller clients. He offers some insight into how to deliver a results demo that's both effective and palatable.

    Think both quantitative and qualitative when it comes to presentation format--so use Excel for the numbers, but also include a Word document or slideshow deck to flesh ...Read the whole story...

  • SEMPO: Search Spending Trending Upward BtoB Magazine

    This quick recap of SEMPO's latest "State of the Market" survey focuses on one key finding: despite a challenging economy, search marketing spending continues to trend upward. And search's share of spend is increasing at the expense of other tactics like print, direct mail and even Web site development.

    SEM spending in North America topped $12 billion in 2007, up from about $9.4 billion the prior year. The survey is forecasting spending to top $25 billion in just three years--up significantly from last year's predictions for 2011.

    Not surprisingly, paid search took the lion's share of ...Read the whole story...

  • Thinking Politically To Shape Your Paid Search Campaigns Yahoo Search Marketing Blog

    Abe Mezrich invites you to take a page from the strategies of political candidates when it comes to crafting a paid search campaign. It helps to think of your target audience as your constituents--and understand that they are people who want to help you, learn about you, and are ... well, people, plain and simple.

    In terms of helping you, your constituents are the ones who want to donate or volunteer to help your cause, so they'll most likely be searching for you by name. With paid search, this means buying your own brand name and all its ...Read the whole story...