Monday, March 24, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, March 24, 2008, 1:00 PM
  • The Search Engine for Skin Care Alt Search Engines

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  • Twenty Questions To Jump-Start Your Competitive Search Analysis PromotionWorld

    Before you launch your next search marketing campaign, you need to know who your competition is, and get a grip on which SEO and SEM strategies they're using -- "before they analyze you first," says Wendy Suto.

    It all starts with a review of their site designs and layouts. Do any of your competitors have Java- or Flash-heavy Web sites? What about the navigation scheme; does it pull you through the purchase funnel--and does there seem to be an overall branded theme? In terms of content volume, how many pages do they have (on average) compared to you? ...Read the whole story...

  • Google Adds Video To the Local Business Center The Kelsey Group Blogs

    Google has made it easier for business owners to get their video clips included in local search or mapping results -- by allowing them to upload video to the Local Business Center (LBC).

    "The LBC is a sort of low hanging fruit for local advertisers to get into Google's index and update or improve Google's basic listing data (add hours of operation, specialties, service area, etc.)," says Mike Boland. "This has lots of SEO benefits, particularly in light of the new Google Local 10 pack, which is a clear sign Google is favoring local results in its universal ...Read the whole story...

  • The WSJ Gets Serious About Search DM News

    During his SES NYC keynote speech, Gordon McLeod, president of the Wall Street Journal Digital Network,acknowledged that the media company had gotten off to a slow start in terms of search marketing.

    So last year, it launched a huge organic search initiative--starting with best practices like adding dynamic site maps, tweaking the entire URL structuring system and using proper redirects--and supplemented that with some PPC campaigns.

    Knocking down parts of the subscription wall also helped drive traffic, as did the syndication of previously hidden content to sites like Yahoo Finance, MSN Money and even Facebook. As ...Read the whole story...

  • IMedix: Health Search With Social Edge SEOmoz

    IMedix is a service that blends a robust health search engine with a social network. For example, a user searching for "diabetes" will find a sidebar alongside the standard results, featuring members that are interested in the subject and willing to talk about it. "This takes advantage of some big psychological strengths in the health field--namely the need to "not be alone" when dealing with health issues," says Rand Fishkin. "I'd imagine that iMedix's community is held together by stronger bonds than most, and that, potentially, gives them a powerful edge."

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  • Google Expanded Search: Delivering More Ads, But Less Relevant Results Rimm-Kaufman Group

    The new expanded search, or "Search Within the Site" (SWTS) feature on Google seems like a great service for users, as it allows them to refine results on their own before they reach their chosen Web site. For example, a search for "laptops" with the expanded search option for IT supplier CDW should eliminate the need to root around for the laptop section. But as Alan Rimm-Kaufman illustrates, the SWTS results actually serve users ads alongside the expanded listings--ads that aren't quite relevant to their original query.

    Rimm-Kaufman uses screenshots and the aforementioned CDW example, noting that ...Read the whole story...