Thursday, March 27, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, March 27, 2008, 2:00 PM
  • That Account Verification Email May Not Really Be From Google Old School SEO

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  • Outsourcing Link Building Is NOT The Same As Buying Links Link Building Best Practices

    It's not. So if the consultant you've hired to help out with your link-building strategy is focused on buying links, then you'll need to stop sending the checks.

    "Outsourcing isn't about buying links at all," says the Vertical Measures team. It means handing your link-building strategy over to someone (or a company) that will do "in-depth research about your industry, your competition and your company so that they can create dynamic links that aren't purchased. They'll be doing the kind of interactive link building that creates real buzz in your industry."

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  • Comparing Official To Unofficial Query Analysis Tools For AdWords Unofficial Google Analytics Blog

    The Google Analytics Keyword Sleuth (developed by Michael Harrison) is a third-party tool that "captures and displays an ongoing list of new keywords and phrases straight from your customer's mind," says Mark Curtis. "We're often advised to 'imagine what your customers are typing before they see your ads, then bid on those keywords.' With the Keyword Sleuth in place, you don't have to imagine anything. They've already told you."

    Meanwhile, Google has its own makeshift query analysis report, the Search Query Performance Report (SQPR)--and while both tools were developed with the same purpose, search marketers get vastly ...Read the whole story...

  • Solo SEO Rolls Out Ratings And Review Tool For Local Search Solo SEO

    "Your customers use online reviews to decide where to eat, shop, and do business. The feedback and ratings your customers give also help determine your rankings for your keywords."

    That's the message that greets small business owners on the sign-up page for, a new free service from Utah-based search firm Solo SEO. The review generation service makes it easy for business owners to accumulate reviews on sites like Yahoo and Google Local and Yelp, get them ranked and even provide customers with an incentive for writing the review.

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  • Don't Fret -- Clicks Are Down Because Search Has Gone Universal Find Resolution

    Universal Search is to blame for Google's less-than-stellar click growth numbers--and for fewer clicks on paid and organic links across all the engines, actually, according to Aaron Goldman.

    Goldman piggybacks on a Top Rank Online Marketing recap of an SES NY session in which comScore (of all companies) released this nugget of insight on search behavior: "Overall when reviewing universal search results, the study found less clicks from the consumer because the information they were searching for is now appearing directly on the results page such as maps, stock quotes and weather." Fewer clicks on organic links ...Read the whole story...

  • ComScore's Forecasting Poor Click Growth For Google (Again) Silicon Alley Insider

    Henry Blodget has the inside scoop on comScore's paid click report for February, which "appears to be a slight--slight--improvement from the horrific January report" for Google, which showed flat click growth year-over-year. Paid click growth on Google was actually up 3% in February, but that's not enough, according to Blodget, as "our source believes Wall Street was looking for 5%-7% growth in Google's US paid clicks and that this report will likely cause the stock to trade down."

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