Friday, March 28, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, March 28, 2008, 12:45 PM
  • Mixx Lets Users Mix Up Search Results Bill Hartzer

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  • Still More Testing Tips For Beefing Up Site Traffic Future Now

    If your Web site is struggling and you don't have the time or cash to hire a search firm, then the Future Now team has some Web site optimization tips you can start implementing as soon as possible.

    You'll need to get a testing platform, like Google Website Optimizer and run a simple split A/B test. Since your site is struggling with low traffic, avoid multivariate testing, as the time it would take to generate enough traffic to gauge the success of multiple combinations of on-page factors could be too prohibitive.

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  • If Black Hat Equals Cool, Then White Hat Equals Paid CDF Networks

    Affiliate marketing is a search industry niche that often gets a bad rap from both the engines and search pros--warranted or not. Chad Frederiksen wonders whether the benefits of being a "black hat" affiliate are worth the time spent evading discovery and the possibility of having all that work nullified. "People seem to associate black hat as the 'cool guys,'" Frederiksen says. "But the ultimate question to me is what is your goal? To be cool or to make money?"

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  • Survey: Most Search Marketers Self-Taught SEOmoz

    The SEOmoz team has crunched the numbers from the SEO Industry survey they initiated in February, combing through the responses of more than 3,000 search marketers to questions about themselves, their work and the industry as a whole. br>

    One key takeaway an overwhelming majority (92%) of respondents learned search marketing strategies and tactics on their own. About a quarter of respondents also said that they'd been trained on-site by a coworker or colleague, and just around 10% said they'd taken formal classes or training.

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  • Yahoo Gets Straight To The Point With "Still Googling?" Email Campaign Search Engine Journal

    Over the past month, many Yahoo Mail users (myself included) have received at least one email with the subject line: "Still Googling? The new Yahoo Search is sure to impress." The email links to a feature page educating users about the recent improvements like Search Assist, as well as accolades from publications like the Chicago Tribune and Fortune magazine

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  • We Don't Need No Stinkin' SEO Standards Search Engine Land

    "Is it Time for Search Marketing Standards?" was the name of the panel that Jill Whelan attended at SMX West. It took her about a month to come up with a definitive answer. "Now that I've had a few weeks to think about it, I've come to the conclusion that not only would it be impossible to come up with standards that most would be happy with, I strongly believe that we don't need them at all," Whelan says.

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