Monday, April 21, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, April 21, 2008, 1:15 PM
  • Finding Google Custom Search Engines Phil Bradley

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  • Avoiding Duplicate Content Issues From Secure Site Mode E-Marketing Performance

    A A majority of e-commerce Web sites have secure domains or sections to help protect consumers while they're making purchases (designated by the https: prefix as opposed to http:). While security is a must, these secure and non-secure site versions can cause duplicate content issues, so Stoney deGeyter offers tips for how to avoid them.

    DeGeyter suggests that the problem typically arises when consumers enter secure mode by adding items to their shopping cart--and then continue browsing, viewing all ensuing content under the https: domain. The fix for this is simple.

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  • What Does Your SEO Logo Say About Your Firm? SEO Smarty

    A logo serves two key purposes for a company--to help establish brand identity, and to give a visual representation of the company's products or services. Ann Smarty reviews a number of search firms' logos to see how well their logos match up with these tasks--with a focus on how they actually describe SEO with their graphic.

    For example, SEO Design Solutions uses an arrow that shoots in from the left up through the middle of their logo, which Smarty interprets as showing the growth aspect of SEO (be it growth in rankings or profits). A nice touch, but ...Read the whole story...

  • Link Building: Going Out to Get Them, And Making Them Come to You Hamlet Batista

    As Hamlet Batista notes, a solid link-building strategy involves equal parts link-baiting and link-conquesting--and he delves into the pros and cons of each tactic.

    "Chasing links is the traditional way of building links," Batista says. "This includes things like submitting your site to directories, creating press releases, submitting articles and comments with your site link and anchor text, and other strategies."

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  • Yahoo Snags Another Search Distribution Deal BizReport

    Yahoo has signed on to power paid and contextual search ads for Media Corporation, a U.K.-based Web publisher. Media Corp.'s network includes sites like, and, and boasts an average of three million visitors per month.

    Though the network currently generates over 15 million monthly ad impressions, they've mostly been from display and banner ads, so the Yahoo deal ads are an entirely new revenue stream. Yahoo will also be the default core search provider for sites within the network.Read the whole story...

  • Earthquake! And How The Big Four Handled The Breaking News Search Engine Land

    The 5.2 magnitude earthquake that rocked the Midwest last week was big news--and with more Americans turning to search as their first breaking news source, Danny Sullivan checked to see how each of the engines fared in terms of coverage.

    Google trumped Yahoo, MSN and Ask in general searches for "earthquake," as the giant was the only engine that had current news at the top of the results. MSN had a "Recent Earthquakes" refiner on the right side of the page, but still only offered info on quakes in California and Nevada after it was clicked.

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