Wednesday, April 23, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, April 23, 2008, 12:15 PM
  • Search Market Share Changes Across Measurement Firms Search Engine Land

    Danny Sullivan is a firm believer that one month's search market share report from one vendor does not guarantee an accurate view of the "state of the search market." Examining the engine's performance across measurement firms over time provides a more holistic view, he says, and does so in this post.

    The charts provided offer a view of the Big Three from June 2007 through March 2008 for both market share and search volume, using stats from comScore, Nielsen, Hitwise and even Compete. And while some trends (i.e. Google retaining its search market dominance) were obvious, what became ...Read the whole story...

  • Taking The Political Temperature Of Search Engine Employees StraightUpSearch

    Amy Booth digs into the political sentiments of search engine employees, culling data from the Federal Election Commission (via to see which Presidential candidate drummed up the most fiscal support.

    Microsoft employees spent more than $212,000 on contributions to Presidential candidates last year, with the bulk of those donations going to Hillary Clinton. With over $201,000, Google workers spent slightly less, but the bulk of their contributions went to Barack Obama's campaign. Meanwhile, Yahoos gave just about $50,000 to the candidates overall, with over half of those funds headed toward Obama.

    "And although Microsoft, Google ...Read the whole story...

  • Alt Search Engines Banding Together To Snag Market Share ReadWriteWeb

    "The overarching theme to AltSearchEngines Day is to encourage the alts to band together and help each other reach the mainstream audience," says Richard MacManus, describing Alternative Search Engines Day, a San Francisco-based event focused on fostering (and funding) innovation in the search space.

    Charles Knight, blogger behind, is leading the initiative to gain more visibility for alternative search engines (which include mobile, health and multimedia search platforms) by encouraging their founders and technologists to work together.

    One strategy for increasing overall market share discussed was the idea of "federated search"--like the dashboard provided by ...Read the whole story...

  • Which Site Metrics Really Matter? adCenter Community

    "Every analytic solution can generate a perfect storm of data that obliterates the horizon in innumerable details." So says Charles Thrasher, media specialist and project lead for adCenter. And he offers a thorough overview of how to best determine which metrics should be used as key performance indicators (KPIs) for your Web site.

    Thrasher borrows from the Jason Burby and Shane Atchinson's book "Actionable Web Analytics" to suggest some KPIs for a commercial site--metrics that are typically tied to revenue. Think about using stats like overall conversion rate, average order size and the Web site's effect on offline ...Read the whole story...

  • Yahoo's New Click Filter Report YSM Blog

    Yahoo has rolled out a Click Filter Report, or a detailed record of the fraudulent or erroneous clicks they don't charge advertisers for. In the interest of transparency (and likely a result of the Web giant's recent partnership with Click Forensics), the new report will be accessible under the "Traffic Quality Reports" tab in a user's YSM account.

    Advertisers can use the report to compare Yahoo's click records to their own (or third-party) traffic logs and check for any discrepancies. The data is available by campaign, by distribution tactic, or from multiple accounts simultaneously. YSM account holders can ...Read the whole story...