Thursday, April 24, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, April 24, 2008, 1:00 PM
  • Finding Social Media Success For An Atypical Category John W. Ellis

    While most advertisers have jumped on the social media bandwagon, others--particularly those in the less-sexy verticals--may not be convinced that Facebook, Digg or even a blog can be a viable marketing channel for them. John Ellis uses a fly-fishing instructor as an example of how social media can work for any company.

    First, set up a blog that doles out fly-fishing advice. "As an instructional blog, it has a clear focus," Ellis says. "Creating a clear, precise blog is a great way to target customers. Remember it's not the quantity of visitors you want, it's the quality. Five ...Read the whole story...

  • Don't Worry, Google's Website Optimizer Won't Replace You Find Resolution

    Google made its Website Optimizer tool free for anyone who wants to run conversion, design and multivariate tests on their landing pages, and some in the search community have voiced concerns about whether it will slim the pickings for search firms. If clients can run their own tests, will they pull back from search budgets? Perhaps rely a little less on their agency for other things as well? Resolution Media's Jeff Campbell says no.

    Google Website Optimizer is a tool--nothing more, nothing less, Campbell argues, and a tool in the absence of strategic thinking is worthless. "Prior to ...Read the whole story...

  • Converting Blog Traffic Into Sales Search Engine People

    So you've succeeded in getting your client to blog. And now page views and comments are up, the content is having a great impact on overall SEO--but the client wants to know how the blog can actually impact sales. Jennifer Osborne has been in the same situation, and she offers some tips for converting those readers into buyers.

    The blog has to represent a company's authority or industry expertise if readers are going to trust it enough to pull out their credit cards. "Use your blog to develop a specialty in a particular niche of your industry," Osborne says.

    ...Read the whole story...

  • Live Search Update Mashup Search Engine Land

    Yahoo who? In the midst of all the acquisition chatter, Microsoft's Live Search team continues to innovate. Greg Sterling gives a quick wrap-up of the recent Live Search changes (complete with links to the appropriate MSN Blogs).

    First up is an update to frequency and speed of the MSNBot. Faster and more frequent crawling means that Live Search will be better at finding fresh content for searchers. The bot is also reminding Webmasters to keep their robots.txt files updated.

    Meanwhile, Live Search is rolling out more detailed links for large Web sites (a la sitelinks). Called ...Read the whole story...

  • SEO: Saving Real Estate One Agent At A Time RISMedia

    Mike Parker interviews Diana Russell, a former real estate agent/mortgage broker who was struggling with her Web site (among other things) in the midst of the tanking mortgage market. Russell was using Compass Internet Systems' CompassSearch platform, and while it had been great at gaining visibility for her site, she hadn't seen much in the way of leads.

    Instead of just letting Russell cancel her subscription, Compass chose to do some pro-bono lead-generation work--and the results were stellar. In about a month leads, escrows and sales started appearing on her computer screen.

    "I went from having ...Read the whole story...