Friday, April 25, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, April 25, 2008, 12:45 PM
  • Sitelinks: No Longer Indication Of Trust And Authority? BlogStorm

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  • Does It Really Matter Whether Your Links Are Followed? Link Building Best Practices

    Some of the hubbub around the pros and cons of "no follow" links--which tell the engines not to follow an outbound link on a Web site and to not include it in a page's overall ranking--versus ordinary "do follow" links has died down. But the Vertical Measures team has found that many clients are still concerned about the ratio of followed links to non-followed links--and have even insisted on link-building efforts that focus on followed links only. And the team says that those worries are unfounded.

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  • How Thorough Is Your Keyword Research Plan? SEO Speedwagon

    New SEO tools, tricks and strategies are constantly emerging, but Doug Asbury says there are some "foundational things about Search Engine Optimization that have not changed much over the last 10 years,"--and keyword research is one of them.

    Crafting a thorough keyword research strategy involves digging deep to uncover every keyword related to a client's suite of products and their benefits, including variations on product names--a process Asbury equates with exploring a large tree. "Comprehensive keyword research starts at the base of the tree with broad keywords," Asbury says, "Then considers every single major branch of the tree ...Read the whole story...

  • More Than 50 Quick SEO Tips For Beginners Search Engine Journal

    Richard Burckhardt offers up a set of SEO tips that include everything from local search optimization, to on-page design tips, to the fastest way to get a new site in the Google index.

    With local search, Burckhardt says to focus on whole keyword phrases--not just single words--so that you can put location-tied phrases in your text. For example, an auto repair shop in Palm Springs could include phrases like "our Palm Springs shop" in their copy, as opposed to "our shop."

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  • Tips for Writing Great Title Tags

    If you've got the right keywords and know where to put them, Jill Whalen has some tips for using that info to come up with effective, enticing title tags.

    "You've got to take your few keyword phrases and arrange them in an order that provides you with the most benefit from search engines, while also appealing to your target audience within the search results pages," Whalen says.

    She suggests choosing three keyword phrases for each Title tag--perhaps one highly competitive term and two that are less so--since there's only so much space available. You can ...Read the whole story...

  • Yahoo's Search Monkey Runs Wild Marketing Pilgrim

    The monkey is about to run wild, as Yahoo has issued a limited release of Search Monkey, a tool that allows site owners to customize the way their organic search listings appear. Users can add details like an infobar (a graphic with drop-down menus for more information), or reviews, a logo and other features to their listing. The goal is to create a search listing that better reflects the company's culture and entices users to click.

    Interested site owners can sign up to be part of the trial run, or wait until Search Monkey's official launch in mid-May. ...Read the whole story...