Monday, April 28, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, April 28, 2008, 12:15 PM
  • The Reason Behind Google's Crazy Rankings Shifts SiteProNews

    If you've ever wondered why Google rankings fluctuate so wildly, check out SiteProNews' discussion of something called Google Previous Query. This is the function by which Google takes into account an individual's previous searches when determining which ads to return.

    Well get ready, cause Previous Query is now coming to unpaid, or organic, search results as well. The author calls this "a very big deal," as previously vague one-word searches, which are difficult to rank thanks to the billions of hits they return, will now be much more targeted and specific.Read the whole story...

  • Blyke Off To Fast Start In U.K. LocalMobileSearch

    After launching last fall, the UK-based MVNO Blyke, which offers free mobile service in exchange for viewing ads, is off to a fast start. But can it sustain that early success?

    Blyke offers 217 free SMS messages and 43 free minutes to young consumers, mostly 16-24, who are willing to watch up to six ads a day. Within six months of its launch, the service has reportedly reached the 100,000-member mark, and the company has talked about launching in the U.S. But Virgin tried an ad-supported mobile play in the States before, and it hasn't performed well. Does Blyke ...Read the whole story...

  • 'The Secret' Owners Sue Internet Marketer

    Sarah Bird takes a look at the case of TS Merchandising, owners of pop culture phenom The Secret, which is suing its former Internet marketer, Dan Hollings, for trademark infringement. TS claims that Hollings "infringed and exploited" The Secret's trademarks by cutting side deals with vendors of authentic merchandise and selling his own pirated material. TS claims Hollings used his knowledge of search engine marketing and The Secret to commit his deeds.

    Bird calls the whole thing a sordid "made-for-TV" movie, but recommends checking out the November 2007 lawsuit, filed in the UK, as a good example ...Read the whole story...

  • March's Top 10 Online Retailers By Conversion Rate FutureNow

    FutureNow has a list of the online retailers with the top 10 conversion rates for March 2008, according to Nielsen Online. Topping the list are Office Depot, QVC and Vista Print, with 20.9%, 19% and 18.3%, respectively.

    What's curious is the disappearance of Snapfish, which had suddenly appeared in the #1 spot for February 2008, but now is off the list entirely. What accounts for the anomaly? Meanwhile, VistaPrint, which had also appeared for the first time ever on the list last month, at #2, has dropped down to #3, while its conversion rate has actually gone up.Read the whole story...

  • Google Glimpses The Future With Image Search Search Engine Journal

    Can Google analyze and rank photos as it does with text? Two of the company's scientists presented a paper at the International WWW Conference in Beijing last week that will allegedly remove Google's dependence on the alt text accompanying a picture, allowing the engine to rank images based solely on their content.

    The process, called VisualRank, uses an algorithm that combines image-recognition software with techniques for determining which images look most similar to one another, resulting in a ranking that doesn't require text. If the process works, this could mean humans would no longer be required to provide metadata in ...Read the whole story...