Tuesday, April 29, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, April 29, 2008, 12:01 PM
  • Top 3 Tips For Writing Effective Headlines SiteProNews

    Your site's headlines should grab readers' attention and pull them into your site. Jennifer Horowitz shares her top three tips for writing effective heads.

    Among her advice: When consumers land on your site, they are not yet in your "store," they are standing outside it. So don't get carried away with "welcome" messages before you've gotten them inside. Also: Make it specific, and don't forget your action verbs!Read the whole story...

  • Yelp Invites SMBs To The Table Kelsey Group Blogs

    Local search site Yelp is unveiling a series of tool that help businesses interact more quickly and effectively with local reviewers. These new features include enhanced customer communication techniques and notification options.

    Like the small mom-and-pop stores trying to compete with a national chain, local search sites like Yelp are trying to differentiate themselves from the global behemoths with better customer service and tools that more closely fit the needs of small-business owners.Read the whole story...

  • Microsoft Enhances Mobile Search LocalMobileSearch

    Microsoft is making changes to its mobile search offering that should result in more relevant local results and enhanced product search. It has added "Find My Location" in Japan and the U.K. to its WAP search product, and will be doing so in the U.S. soon. It has also enhanced Product Search for Mobile, which will now offer reviews, images and other content.

    The combination should make it easier for consumers looking to buy products locally to browse option on their mobile devices and locate the most convenient place to make their purchase.Read the whole story...

  • The Role of Outbound Links SEOMmoz.org

    Outbound links play a major role in any site's linking strategy, but most publishers still don't fully understand them or how they work. Eric Enge offers tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of your outbound links.

    He recommends taking the time to get into the head of the person who is going to decide whether to link to your site. If your target is research-oriented, you'll need to have a steady stream of data on your site. Or if it's the New York Times you're after, be sure to have well-cited sources and solid reporting. If you ...Read the whole story...

  • Google Leaks Quality Score Values Search Engine Journal

    An apparent glitch at Google resulted in some variable names and values appearing below sponsored links this morning. Eric Lander takes a shot at deciphering the cryptic text.

    Landers theorizes that what appeared were maximum costs per clicks of the various advertisers. Honda, for example, would seem to have a $4.71 maximum cost per click, as opposed to a smaller, local dealer, who maxes out at $1.09. What does it all mean? Maybe not much, but it is a rare and entertaining glimpse into the inner workings of Google Ad Words.Read the whole story...