Friday, May 16, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, May 16, 2008, 2:30 PM
  • Google Friend Connect: A Precursor For Social Data in the Algorithm Blogstorm

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  • Tips For Crafting Reader-Friendly Webpage Copy SiteProNews

    While the idea of developing fresh, interesting content is a publishing standard, crafting copy for the Web is quite different than writing an article for print. "Experienced publishers will have to agree that clarity and simplicity do not mean the same as they did in the past," says Adam Nowak. "Filling in a website with text is against the rules and principles which they regarded as a strong point of their work until now."

    Internet users most often scan content before choosing to read, so Nowak suggests including headlines and subheadings liberally, as well as using bulleted lists ...Read the whole story...

  • The Stats Behind Ask's Grab eBrandz

    Recent comScore data found that Web users worldwide conduct over 500 million searches for dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia queries each month--up 20% from last year. That high volume of Q&A-style searching provides a window into the motives behind Ask's purchase of parent company Lexico.

    The deal is expected to grow Ask Network's user base by 11%, and increase its unique visitor count to over 145 million per month. It also make sense given that about 30% of all searches on Ask currently fall under the reference category.Read the whole story...

  • Google's Baby Steps Toward Branding Searchblog

    Google's top brass have maintained that the search giant doesn't use brand advertising to market itself to consumers--instead, choosing to use direct advertising to entice small and large businesses to use its products. But as John Battelle notes, times are a-changin' in Mountain View.

    Spotted recently at a Giant's baseball game was an ad for Google Maps "on the strip of LEDs that festoon the upper decks," Battelle says. "You might call it a non-cpc banner display ad in the middle of the web site that is AT&T Park."

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  • SurfCanyon: The Personalized Search Plug-in Pandia Search News

    "SurfCanyon is a Firefox plug-in that claims mind reading capabilities," says the Pandia team. "Even though there's no actual magic involved, this nifty little app does a great job of digging though the search results for the hits you need, even though Google buried them on page 12."

    The tool re-ranks search results from Google, Yahoo and MSN as determined by your own behavior, with the help of small bull's eye icons next to each result. Click the bull's eye and SurfCanyon digs to retrieve more results that are just like it. If none of the choices are ...Read the whole story...

  • Landing Page Faceoff CDF Networks

    Chad Frederiksen takes "mortgages," a highly-competitive search term, and checks to see what the landing pages look like for some of the top-ranked ads. In the ensuing face-off, Frederiksen gives the landing page for GMAC an A+. "This page is very focused, it shows the current rate in large numbers, a big red 'get started' button, a quick testimonial quote, even a smiling happy family with a dog," he says.

    On the other hand, the landing page for Home Finance of America gets a D. "This page is cluttered, unfocused and leaves no clear call to action," Frederiksen says. ...Read the whole story...