Tuesday, May 20, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, May 20, 2008, 3:00 PM
  • A Multivariate Testing Manual At Your Fingertips Optimize & Prophesize

    Jonathan Mendez delivers a comprehensive reference point for multivariate testing with this post, which includes links to six separate articles. Each link covers a different aspect of multivariate landing page testing, from a breakdown of the factorial designs (or choosing of specific on-page factors) that actually make the test work, to the set up and analysis of the resulting data.

    "If you're just getting started with MVT hopefully this helps make sense of it all to you," Mendez says." If you're already experienced hopefully this will give you some new ideas and methods."Read the whole story...

  • Tweak Your Categories To Increase Conversions RKG Blog

    The rationale behind a site's various categorization schemes is a topic that comes up often during Web site effectiveness testing at the Rimm-Kaufman Group. "How to categorize and present major navbar links," says Alan Rimm-Kaufman. "How to categorize and present subnav links. How to categorize and present site search results. And so on."

    And though your current categories may make sense to you, they could actually be standing in the way of conversions because they don't make sense to your visitors. Rimm-Kaufman says that using data from site search analytics and usability tests can illustrate where your categorization ...Read the whole story...

  • Is Your Information Capture Form Hurting Your PPC Campaign? PPC Hero

    Most lead generation campaigns have an information capture form at the end of the search pathway. And as Joe Kerschbaum points out, if a user's first click leads to a poorly functioning form, then the value of the PPC campaign it originated from is negated.

    Assess your info capture form in terms of whether there's too much or too little copy, and whether the details you're asking for are actually relevant to your end goal. Forcing all users to provide a phone number may make sense for a high-end item that requires well-qualified leads. But asking potential email ...Read the whole story...

  • Using Newsletters To Build Strong SEO DM News

    Loren McDonald touts the benefits marketers can gain from keeping SEO in mind when crafting their newsletters. "If you're a b-to-b company or invested in building a brand, a simple but often overlooked way to increase your keyword rankings is to optimize the content of your e-mail newsletter," he says.

    Start by keeping your target keywords in mind during the article creation stage, and include these phrases in the titles and headlines. McDonald also suggests mining the email analytics data to find new terms, as well as second- and third-tier words that may be less competitive--but still relevant--for ...Read the whole story...

  • Yahoo: Better Without Search? Search Engine Journal

    Loren Baker poses the question of whether Yahoo will be well-served to sell off its search business--and uses the growing success of AOL's Platform-A to illustrate why the answer may be yes.

    "As Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are battling over who will acquire Facebook, who will buy part of Yahoo and who will compete with Google, an Internet giant is stocking its armory with some of the best and most integrated offerings to one day topple all three companies," Baker says.

    That giant is AOL, and when you add up the ad network, social media and ...Read the whole story...