Wednesday, May 21, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, May 21, 2008, 12:15 PM
  • Want Cash Back From Your Search Purchases? Try Live Search The Wall Street Journal

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  • The Formula For Writing Effective Ads Angela Booth's Creativity Factory

    There's a simple formula for crafting effective copy quickly. It's HSPA, an acronym for Headline, Pain, Solution, Action. "HSPA works for any kind of ad," Angela Booth says. "From a simple classified ad to a long direct response sales letter, whether for the Web or print."

    Start by making a list of the benefits of your product--i.e. the reasons your target audience should buy it. If your hotel has a pool and on-site babysitting service, sell the fact that families can keep cool together and parents can enjoy some alone time when they're ready.

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  • Not Your Average Image Search Options SEO Smarty

    "The image search giants (Google images, Yahoo images and even Flickr) represent rather a poor example of image search usability (to my mind)," says Ann Smarty. "Luckily we have a number of good examples (still none of them is perfect)."

    Take Picitup, for example. The engine offers multiple filtering options, including search by faces, landscapes, products or color preference, while gives users a list of choices on the left, with an image preview and characteristic info (like file size) on the right. And Oskope pulls images in from Yahoo, Flickr, Fotolia and others, while allowing searchers to ...Read the whole story...

  • Yandex Set To Go Public TechCrunch

    Russian search engine Yandex is set to go public via NASDAQ this fall, with the hopes of raising up to $2 billion. Erick Schonfeld dubs it "the biggest tech IPO of 2008," as Yandex is currently the leading search engine in Russia.

    According to comScore data, Yandex reaches some 62% of the Russian Internet audience--and they spend an average of 90 minutes with the engine each month. Search volume also puts the engine ahead of Microsoft and Yahoo in Europe--behind only Google and eBay.Read the whole story...

  • Press Release Optimization Tactics Straight Up Search

    "Make a list of your 10 top keywords, and then use them throughout your press release," says Maureen Michaels. "That way, when editors, writers and others search for those keywords, your press release will be found and read in search results."

    That's the foundation for crafting an SEO-ready press release. Of course, Michaels says that you need to start off with a compelling lead, but the key is to keep searcher activity in mind from the onset.

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  • Recapping Google's Algorithmic Update Promotion World

    Roger Janik pulls together bits and pieces of info from around the Web to offer a comprehensive view of the aftershocks various Webmasters reported from Google's most recent algorithmic update. The tweaks ushered in some of the most visible search ranking changes in months.

    In general, Janik says that many of the "quality old sites that we love and nurture suddenly disappeared from the top ranking positions to pages in the tens or twenties of the index. This very unfortunate fact sent many SEO's into panic mode."

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