Friday, May 23, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, May 23, 2008, 4:00 PM
  • Synching Keyword Optimization To Consumer Purchase Cycles Internet Retailer

    While all Web site owners choose the keywords they optimize for based on their target audience, E-tailers have more work cut out for them because they have to optimize for consumers during all aspects of the buying cycle.

    MoreVisibility's Joe Laratro breaks search terms into three categories for online retailers--general keywords, shopping keywords and buying keywords, and instructs Webmasters to help them optimize accordingly.

    General keywords like "televisions," for example, can be tremendous traffic drivers, but "due to the range of intention among shoppers searching these terms, much of the traffic they generate may be untargeted ...Read the whole story...

  • A Guide to Taking On a Major SEO Client Search Engine Watch

    Got a prospective client with more than 100,000 pages worth of content that needs to be optimized and upgraded? Have no fear--William Flaiz has a step-by-step guide to taking on all that work and delivering stellar results. There are four steps to the process--address the client's needs, address their wants, and then throw things in that they didn't know they need. Lastly, take them to the next level.

    Flaiz' publishing client needed a SEO-centric site redesign, so the Avenue A / Razorfish team worked with them during the initial planning stages on factors like the selection of content ...Read the whole story...

  • Google Urges Searchers To Enter ZIP Codes Screenwerk

    Looks like we can expect ZIP code-targeted ads some time in the future, as Google is working on making ZIP code-based local searches more plentiful. Greg Sterling recaps a presentation by Carter Masian, Google's director of product management for local, during the "Google Factory Tour" earlier this week--and sheds light on the giant's ZIP code-based strategy.

    For general queries like "pizza" that likely have a local intention, Google has introduced a ZIP code prompt that shows up above the results (but below the related searches suggestions). Sterling says that this development is interesting for two reasons--one, because ...Read the whole story...

  • In Offline Ads, Search Beats Out The URL Read Write Web

    Josh Catone noticed a Special K cereal commercial that urged consumers to search for the brand's name on Yahoo--and thought that it was odd that the company didn't end the ad with a plug for the actual Web site. "Has searching really become so natural that it is more effective to tell people to search for your site than it is to tell them to visit directly?" he wondered.

    His research found that for some brands, search is much more effective at driving traffic than a URL. For example, 7 out of the 10 fastest rising search terms ...Read the whole story...

  • What's Your Lead Management Strategy? Search Marketing Sage

    Many smaller advertisers aren't prepared for the influx of leads that flow in after they've launched a new PPC campaign--and can end up letting valuable inquiries (and their ad dollars) go to waste. Kaitlyn Smeland notes that having a lead management plan mapped out from the start is crucial to maximizing search advertiser ROI.

    Smeland lists some steps a company can take to draft a quick lead management plan, starting with determining what a quality lead is. "Internally, a company must decide what constitutes a quality lead," she says. "Then those qualities can be incorporated into a landing ...Read the whole story...