Tuesday, May 27, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, May 27, 2008, 12:15 PM
  • Yahoo Plays Favorites When You Put Keywords In The Domain Small Business SEM

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  • Give Your 'H' Tags The Chance To Work For Search Search Engine Guide

    While heading or "H" tags are not the be-all, end-all for on-page optimization, many site owners are abusing them--turning them into images, including site search boxes within them, and otherwise diluting their SEO value. Stoney deGeyter lists the most common "H" tag abuses in this post, and also provides an example of how to integrate style tools like CSS into a site, without hijacking the "H" tags.

    "Hx tags are not a magic SEO solution and play only a minor role in the overall optimization of a page, but it's valuable enough to take the time to get ...Read the whole story...

  • The Case For Making Google Your Site Search Engine Ask Enquiro

    "If you're looking for a simple way to enhance your users' engagement level on your site then I recommend you take a closer look at Google custom search engine." So says Manoj Jasra, a Webmaster and SEO who happens to use the Google custom search engine (CSE) on two of his sites.

    What's so great about Google's CSE? Well, Jasra says that it delivers the same search experience that a majority of searchers have shown that they prefer--combined with the personalization options to ensure that the engine fits in with the look and feel of your site.

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  • SEO Basics: One Keyword For Each Page Promotion World

    Brandon Cornett gets back to the basics of SEO with this post, outlining the three steps a Webmaster can take to help increase site traffic. "Essentially, you are going to write one page of quality Web content for each of your key phrases," he says. "When combined with other aspects of search engine optimization, this will greatly improve your online visibility and traffic levels."

    Spend some time building a list of keywords and key phrases using tools like Keyword Discovery or Word Tracker--as they offer insight into the actual terms that your target has been using to search ...Read the whole story...

  • Keyword Research Tips With An International Flavor adCenter Community

    Fresh from the International Search Summit in London, this post is a recap of a presentation by Tor Crockatt, in which the editorial operations manager for adCenter Europe offers up tips for keyword research no matter what the language.

    One idea is to think of your keywords as questions that searchers are asking--and then use your site to answer them. So, a search for "tub cleaning supplies" might stem from "where can I get tub cleaning supplies in Carson City?" Your Web site, offering tub cleaning supplies online, as well as the directions, contact info and hours of ...Read the whole story...

  • StumbleUpon's Value Is In The Links Conversation Marketing

    StumbleUpon gained the attention of the search community (not to mention eBay execs, who decided to purchase it for $75 million) last year, but since then, some of the fervor for the toolbar-based, social discovery engine has died down.

    Ian Lurie explains the top reasons why StumpleUpon's popularity has waned. "Links from Stumbleupon.com don't help with SEO," he says. "They 'nofollowed' everything a long time ago to prevent spammers from overrunning the place." And as for the traffic, Lurie says it "looks lousy. Lots of visitors, but their average time-on-site is so low you wonder if the visitors ...Read the whole story...