Tuesday, June 17, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, June 17, 2008, 1:30 PM
  • Using Search To Track Word-Of-Mouth Endless Plain

    "Word-of-mouth traffic can be some of the best, most qualified visitors to your site," says Joy Brazelle. "But, how do you actually know if you are getting traffic from word-of-mouth?"

    Brazelle says to dig deeper into your direct traffic stats, particularly branded keywords and non-search referrals. For example, direct site visitors either know your URL and type it directly into their browser, or have your site bookmarked. "As your brand becomes part of more and more conversations, the number of visitors who will know your URL will increase," she says.

    You should also monitor your branded keyword stats, as visitors ...Read the whole story...

  • Hold On, Guys! Search Is Still A Battlefield ReadWriteWeb

    Bernard Lunn argues that one giant "Google-killer" may not emerge--but that the giant may eventually be chopped down by a combination of number of smaller, more nimble engines and overarching market forces.

    For example, VC's continue to pump money into core search startups--to the tune of sums like the $25 million that Cuill snagged in April. While such strong investment is not what you'd expect in a "consolidated market with one mighty big gorilla sitting on top," Lunn says that innovators will keep trying as long as the money train continues to chug along.

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  • Costly PPC Mistakes To Avoid Search Engine People

    Jennifer Osborne lays out some of the most common mistakes she's seen small business owners make with their paid search accounts, starting with not bothering to adjust the default account settings chosen by Google or Yahoo.

    While the AdWords interface is "awesome" and their customer service "rocks," Osborne says that the defaults are set to maximize Google's revenue--not yours. "Sometimes that means that you'll make a lot of money too," she says. "But sometimes it means that you will not be running as efficient a campaign as you could be."

    PPC account holders also seem to struggle with geographic targeting--and ...Read the whole story...

  • Need Linkbait? It Starts With Research 10e20

    Coming up with interesting, keyword-rich articles on a consistent basis isn't the easiest task for Web site owners (particularly if they're small business owners more focused on actually running the business). But Patrick Winfield has some tips for developing link-worthy content, and it starts with researching the heck out of a particular topic.

    First, set up a Google Alert so that you can be notified whenever there's breaking news, or a new blog post or video uploaded for the topic of choice. Winfield also suggests trolling the comment streams of relevant blogs, as the discussions can often "be a huge ...Read the whole story...

  • Boot Camp For Google Analytics (Among Other Topics) Official Google Analytics Blog

    The Online Marketing Boot Camp gets underway today in Burlington, Vermont. Over the course of four days, attendees get schooled on the nuts and bolts of Google Analytics (GA), e-commerce metrics and social media.

    Web analytics firm Epik, Champlain College and Google Analytics have all partnered to host the course, and instructors include industry vets like Avinash Kaushik and MyWebGrocer's Alec Newcomb, as well as members of the GA team.

    To facilitate maximum face time, there are only 70 spots in the camp. The first day, panelists wax poetic about the intricacies of analytics in standard conference style. The following ...Read the whole story...