Wednesday, June 18, 2008
  • Tameka Kee, June 18, 2008, 12:45 PM
  • Questions To Ask When Thinking Of Changing On-Page Copy Marketing Words

    So your client's better-than-average homepage has slipped from fourth or fifth place on the first SERP to first or second place on the second page for a particular keyword, and they want you (or your copywriter) to tinker with the copy. Before making any changes to keyword density, image or title tags, or even the "About Us" section, Karon Thackston says you should ask your clients some questions first.

    Are conversions suffering? If so, then perhaps a change in copy is necessary. But it could also be due to a new shopping cart or other usability changes that degraded the ...Read the whole story...

  • Build A Better 404 Not Found Page Conversation Marketing

    Ian Lurie offers a step-by-step guide to creating a "great" 404 not found page, including how to build it (via HTML or a Web page editor), upload it and get your server to point to it--whether via Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) or the open-source Apache server.

    He also lists the three components a quality 404 page must have, including a clear statement that the visitor is in the wrong place, advice to help get them back on track (via either links, a search box, etc.), and an option to contact the Webmaster.

    What a 404 error page shouldn't do ...Read the whole story...

  • Why Bidding For The Top Spot Ain't Always Best Yahoo Search Marketing

    Snagging the No.1 spot in paid search may not be the coup you think it is--particularly if your ad is in a broad category during a high volume-low quality click season. So Noah Belson offers some tips for determining when to bid for the top spot and when to aim for a lower position.

    "Though it's always nice to be number one, if you use up your entire daily budget with three clicks, is it really worth it?" Belson says. "When you're managing a limited budget, you may want to set your bids at reasonable levels that will stretch your ...Read the whole story...

  • Two Ways The Yahoo-Google Search Deal Could Impact Ad Pricing Find Resolution

    Much of the discussion around the pros and cons of the proposed Yahoo-Google search deal centers on whether (or how much) it will affect bid prices. While there's no doubt that it will likely increase demand (and pricing) for advertisers using AdWords, many are on the fence about whether it sends prices up or down on Yahoo.

    Aaron Goldman lays out those scenarios, arguing first, that prices could go down on Yahoo if smaller advertisers in particular shift their focus (and their demand) over to Google, and just hope to catch some wayward Yahoo traffic.

    On the other hand, prices ...Read the whole story...

  • Clickable Snags Key Microsoft, Google Execs Silicon Alley Insider

    Michael Learmonth's short post is long on search executives--as it's about paid search management tech firm Clickable's roster of new hires. The New York-based startup has poached Jonathan Betz and Sandeeep Sahi, former techies from Google and Microsoft respectively, and made them both senior directors of engineering.

    For senior director for sales, Clickable has snagged former Google group manager for direct sales Bill Masterson. And Maxine Friedman, former vice president of media and marketing at BrandIntel joins as director of business development.

    Clickable's new hires also include execs from Boeing, Leapfrog Online and Viget Labs.Read the whole story...

  • AdWords System Maintenance This Saturday Inside AdWords

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